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On-site Lectures for GA 56


The Lectures by Bn/GA Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive presents some of the lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in order by lecture GA Number. They are specifically designated as lectures in the Catalogue of Holdings. Our selections of Steiner's Books and/or Articles/Essays can be referenced from here, or from the Main Steiner Archive Menu. The Table below lists the Lectures' GA Number, the name of the lecture, and whether an abstract of the lecture is available. Under the lecture name is the book title, if applicable. Dates are in yyyy-mm-dd format.

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Selected Lectures for GA 56 ...

  Date Name of Lecture Place Year  
. 1907-10-10 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture I: The Mission of Occult Science in Our Time Berlin 1907 [*]
. 1907-10-17 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture II: Natural Science Facing a Crucial Decision Berlin 1907 [*]
. 1907-10-24 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture III: The Knowledge of Soul and Spirit Berlin 1907 [*]
. 1907-11-28 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture IV: Initiation Berlin 1907 [*]
. 1907-12-03 pm  Illusory Illness: Lecture I: Illusory Illness Munich 1907 [*]
. 1907-12-05 pm  Illusory Illness: Lecture II: The Feverish Pursuit of Health Munich 1907 [*]
. 1907-12-12 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture VI: The So-Called Dangers of Initiation Berlin 1907 [*]
. 1908-01-09 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture VII: Man, Woman and Child Berlin 1908 [*]
. 1908-01-23 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture VIII: The Soul of the Animal in the Light of Spiritual Science Berlin 1908 [*]
. 1908-03-12 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture XI: Occupation and Earnings Berlin 1908 [*]
. 1908-03-18 pm  Man and Woman in Light of Spiritual Science Munich 1908 [*]
. 1908-03-26 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture XII: Sun, Moon and Stars Berlin 1908 [*]
. 1908-04-09 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture XIII: Outset and End of the Earth Berlin 1908 [*]
. 1908-04-16 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture XIV: The Hell Berlin 1908 [*]
. 1908-05-14 pm  Knowledge of Soul and Spirit: Lecture XV: The Heaven Berlin 1908 [*]

Total On-site Lectures for GA 56: 15

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