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Spiritual Soul Instructions and View of the World

Spirituelle Seelenlehre und Weltbetrachtung

Rudolf Steiner
(Given: Berlin, 1903/1904
Bn 52, GA 52, CW 52)

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Eighteen lectures given by Rudolf Steiner at Berlin from September 1903 until December 1904. The original title, in German, is: Spirituelle Seelenlehre und Weltbetrachtung.

Selected contents:

  • The Eternal and the Ephemeral in Man
  • The Origin of the Soul
  • The Essence of Divinity from the Theosophical Point of View
  • Theosophy and Christianity
  • The Epistemological Foundations of Theosophy
  • Theosophical Doctrine of the Soul
  • The History of Spiritualism
  • The History of Hypnotism and Somnambulism
  • What modern man finds in Theosophy?
  • Is Theosophy Unscientific?

Known Publications:

  • Spirituelle Seelenlehre und Weltbetrachtung,
    German language editions: 1972, 1986. ISBN 3-7274-0520-1,
  • The History of Spiritism, Hypnotism and Somnambulism,
    Anthroposophic Press, New York, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, c.1943

Bn/GA/CW 52 ... Selections ...


Spiritual Soul Instructions and View of the World

Book Cover Image This is a translation of GA 52 (by an anonymous translator), of eighteen lectures by Rudolf Steiner, given at Berlin from September 1903 until December 1904. The original title, in German, is: Spirituelle Seelenlehre und Weltbetrachtung. Most of these lectures have never been translated into English, and are presented here for the first time!

Image 9780880101936.jpgMarkerThe Christmas Conference for the Foundation of the Ge...Marker
by Rudolf Steiner
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by Rudolf Steiner
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by Theodor Schwenk, Wolfram Schwenk
Image 9781621480167.jpgMarkerThe Language of Consciousness SoulMarker
by Carl Unger
Image 9780880104944.jpgMarkerIsis Mary SophiaMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9781855842649.jpgMarkerAnthroposophy A-zMarker
by Henk Van Oort
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