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On-site Lectures for GA 54


The Lectures by Bn/GA Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive presents some of the lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in order by lecture GA Number. They are specifically designated as lectures in the Catalogue of Holdings. Our selections of Steiner's Books and/or Articles/Essays can be referenced from here, or from the Main Steiner Archive Menu. The Table below lists the Lectures' GA Number, the name of the lecture, and whether an abstract of the lecture is available. Under the lecture name is the book title, if applicable. Dates are in yyyy-mm-dd format.

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Selected Lectures for GA 54 ...

  Date Name of Lecture Place Year  
. 1905-10-05   Haeckel, "The Riddle of the Universe," Theosophy Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-10-05   Riddles of the World: Lecture I: Haeckel, the Riddles of the World and Theosophy Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-10-12   Riddles of the World: Lecture II: Our International Situation. War, Peace and Spiritual Science Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-10-12   The Situation of the World Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-10-19   Riddles of the World: Lecture III: Basic Concepts of Theosophy. Soul and Spirit of the Human Being Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-11-09 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture VI: The Basic Concepts of Theosophy. Human Races Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-11-16 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture VII: The Core of Wisdom in the Religions Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-11-23 pm  Brotherhood and the Fight for Survival Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-11-23 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture VIII: Fraternity and the Struggle for Existence Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-12-07 pm  Esoteric Development: Lecture I: Inner Development Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-12-07 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture IX: Inner Development Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-12-14 pm  Signs and Symbols: Lecture 2: The Christmas Festival as a Symbol of the Sun Victory Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1905-12-14 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture X: Christmas as Symbol of the Sun's Victory Berlin 1905 [*]
. 1906-02-01 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XI: The Christian Teachings of Wisdom Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-02-15 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XII: Reincarnation and Karma Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-02-22 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XIII: Lucifer Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-03-01 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XIV: The Children of Lucifer Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-03-08 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XV: Germanic and Indian Secret Doctrines Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-03-15 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XVI: German Theosophists at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-03-22 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XVII: Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-03-29 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XVIII: Parzival and Lohengrin Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-04-12 pm  Lecture: Easter Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-04-12 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XIX: The Easter Festival Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-04-19 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XX: Inner Development Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-04-26 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XXI: Paracelsus Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-05-03 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture XXII: Jacob Boehme Berlin 1906 [*]
. 1906-11-17 pm  Woman and Society (Die Frauenfrage) Hamburg 1906 [*]
. 1906-11-17 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture V: The Question of Women's Rights Hamburg 1906 [*]
. 1908-03-02 pm  Riddles of the World: Lecture IV: Spiritual Science and the Social Question Hamburg 1908 [*]

Total On-site Lectures for GA 54: 29

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