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The Calendar of the Soul

Rudolf Steiner's collection of 52 verses, given in English and German, will enable the soul to actively participate in the progressing life of the year as it evolves from week to week. From this menu, you can view the current week's verse, sign-up for the Calendar of The Soul mailing list, or participate in a discussion forum specifically for the Calendar of The Soul.

. Current Calendar of The Soul Verse
View the current weeks verse, or view its' octave. You can also read the books notes, preface, and see the graphic.

. Calendar of The Soul Mailing List sign-up
If you would like to receive the current weeks verse as an email in your mailbox each Sunday morning, you can sign-up here. All information is strictly confidential, and will not be sold or given out to anyone.

. Calendar of The Soul — the Articles!
A translation of Steiner's Anthroposophischer Seelenkalendar (GA/Bn 40 in the Bibliographical Survey of 1961). It was translated by Ruth and Hans Pusch. See all 52 verses on-line, plus the CoTS graphic, Corresponding Verses, and notes on the dates.

. Calendar of The Soul Discussion Forum (English)
A Forum, in English, for the discussion of Steiner's Calendar of the Soul ... NOT just for english-speaking anthroposophists!

. Calendar of The Soul Gesprächsforum (Deutsches)
Ein Forum, auf Deutsch, für die Diskussion über Rudolf Steiner Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender.
(A Forum, in German, for the discussion of Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul.)




Eurythmy Therapy
by Rudolf Steiner
The Kingdom of Childhood: Lecture 7 of 7
by Rudolf Steiner
An Introduction to Eurythmy
by Rudolf Steiner
The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric
by Rudolf Steiner
Calendar of the Soul
by Rudolf Steiner
The Foundations of Human Experience: Lecture 9 of 14
by Rudolf Steiner
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