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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna, Austria, June, 1922.
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  Meditations on the Twelve Holy Nights
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Kristina Kaine's New Book:
Meditations on the Twelve Holy Nights

The Holy Days and Nights is the period between Christmas Eve, which celebrates the birth of Jesus (described by St Luke) and January 6th which is called Epiphany, which celebrates the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan by John the Baptist.

This period is like the germinating seed in the depths of the earth which will sprout and finally bloom at the Resurrection of the Christ-ened Jesus after the crucifixion.

During these days and nights we have the opportunity to reach a new level of understanding of this, the most profound mystery known to man, and indeed in the whole universe. This book contains short contemplations written between 2011-12 and 2015-16 during the Holy Days and Nights. These contemplations are based on indications given by Rudolf Steiner to Herbert Hahn over 100 years ago for the twelve Holy Nights — twelve because that ties them to the twelve months of the year.

  Portrait of Kristina Kaine
Kristina Kaine

Kristina Kaine has examined the esoteric meaning of each verse in the Book of Revelation applying the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and her own understanding of human development. “This is an extraordinary work with rich rewards for anyone who contemplates is deeply.”

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