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Curative Education

Title: Curative Education

Rudolf Steiner

(12 lectures: Dornach, June - July, 1924; GA 317)

This course of lectures given to doctors and curative teachers contains
an astonishing number of fertile suggestions for the treatment of retarded
and handicapped children. Beginning with the general principles of curative
education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
Steiner then discusses particular cases such as: epilepsy, hydrocephalus,
infantilism, adenoids, kleptomania, the autistic child, and more. A great
variety of remedies and treatments are discussed along with many details of
their effects on the different organs. These lectures constitute one of
Steiner's major contributions to the treatment of children "in need of
special care."

224pp, Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN 0-85440-244-6, Paperback, AP #600