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The Being of Man and His Future Evolution

Title: The Being of Man and His Future Evolution

Rudolf Steiner

(9 lectures: Berlin, 1908 - 1909; GA 107)

Throughout our life, we have to struggle with questions that cannot be
answered on the basis of our experience or with our ordinary thinking.
Spiritual science can help us penetrate to a realm where new possibilities
open up to address these questions. These lectures offer fascinating
insights into the spiritual nature of everyday matters such as forgetting,
laughing and weeping, different types of illnesses, and rhythms in the
bodies of the human being.  Steiner shows how we can become, through our
own efforts, "co-creators" in evolution.

148pp, Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN 0-85440-405-8, Paperback, AP #20
ISBN 0-85440-402-3, Hardbound, AP #21