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The Way of Initiation,
Initiation and It's Results,

Both by Rudolf Steiner
GA 10

The first English version of this basic work appeared in print in two volumes: “The Way of Initiation or How to Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds,” and “Initiation and Its Results” (its sequel). It was extensively rewritten, and the new version appeared in English translation in 1923 with the title, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment. This book, perhaps the most controversial of Steiner's extensive literary legacy, suggests the possibility of a person in the 20th century developing sufficient skills of concentration, empathy, etc. to be able to obtain first-hand knowledge of spiritual realities consciously. It was originally published in German as, Wie Erlangt Man Erkenntnisse der Höheren Welten?.

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Research Steiner's works On-line ... There are many research tools available at the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Not only are there several different translations of this work — including those in French and the original German — but we have an excellent Keyword Search facility that can take you to the exact word within a chapter. Additionally, we offer our exclusive Side by Side Compare where you can select two different translations, say the German and the one by Henry B. Monges, and then compare these two texts side by side, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence! A greater understanding is but a click away!

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