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What's Old at the Steiner Archive


There are a lot of changes going on around the Steiner Archive: new formats, new links, additional features. Sometimes it's hard to find out just what is going on! Well, here is what you've been looking for — a list of the recent changes, additions, and attractions that occured at the Archive in 2008.

Some 2008 Changes ...

. Additions to our Lectures by Place page! (as of 12/23/2008):
With our partner, Google, we have introduced "Current Maps" for the cities where Rudolf Steiner gave his lectures. We already had a Zoom map for Europe, after World War I, but all of the cities were located on the one map. Now, each page has its own map showing the location of the city and country. The map is interactive in that the user can zoom in or out, and move the map around. Click on a city, and see for yourself.
. New introduction dates for Books, Lectures and Articles (as of 06/30/2008):
Up until now, we have introduced new Books or Lecture Series to the public on the 15th and the last day of the month. Single lectures or articles were introduced on the 8th and the 23rd of each month. But now, we are working overtime to bring new editions to the Archive at an accelerated pace: new Books and Lecture Series will be presented for the public on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month, and single lectures, Articles, and other items will be publicly available on the 5th, 15th and 25th. Please visit our What's Coming page to see the newly scheduled editions.
. A *New* Version for the Archive Documents System! (as of 05/14/2008):
All things evolve! Even computer systems!! Fifteen years ago, when we developed the computer system that “HTML-ifies” the documents we have on our servers, the version number we assigned to it was 1.0. Over the years many changes have been made: some are minor, cosmetic changes requiring that the version be bumped-up only slightly to, say 1.0.1. Others are more complex, making the version number jump to say, 1.1.0. And still others are a major software change, increasing the number to 2.0.0!

This latest change to our ADS system was fairly complex, as it made the addition of documents in multiple languages easier. It also automated the procedures more than before, with additional error checking and document proofing. The old Version Number was: 2.4.7 ... the new Version Number is: 2.5.0.
. More information on the What's Coming? page! (as of 04/15/2008):
We have added new information to the Whats Coming page: the new documents listing now has the Document Type, GA#, Year of the document, Language, Number of parts to the document, as well as the Title of the document, and the Expected On-line date. The Title, Type, GA#, Year and Coming date are all sortable fields. The presentation of the documenmts is by Archive Section, but the sorting is done within each Section.
. A new “image” server for the Archive. (as of 02/13/2008):
To ease the burden on our web servers, we have added an image server to our host of computers. It's function is to provide faster access to the images that are being served by the various sites we offer. There should be no differences from the old way images were being served, except that the overall performance for all of our sites should be better. All of the pages at all of our sites should load faster!

A New Look !!

. The Face-lift Continues
The on-going changes to the Archive are still in progress! Little by little, all of the pages will be converted to the new format. Be aware of the subtle differences in the page design and layout. Feel free to make suggestions — you guys are the users!

What's Happening Links ...

. What's New? — Newest changes. (updated Mar 13, 2019)

. What's Coming? — Coming attractions. (updated Oct 30, 2019)

Links from prior years ...

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