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What's Old, from 2005, at the Steiner Archive


There are a lot of changes going on around the Steiner Archive: new formats, new links, additional features. Sometimes it's hard to find out just what is going on! Well, here is what you've been looking for — a list of the changes, additions, and coming attractions that occured at the Archive in 2005.

Some 2005 Changes...

. A new, Secure Payment Portal is now available for Donations. (as of 10/14/2005):
We have added a new payment portal to our site to make giving Donations and any future financial transaction here at the Rudolf Steiner Archive much easier for our readers. We are now able to accept Visa and MasterCard transactions at our site, using the Secure Servers we have. The payment gateways at and PayPal will remain for those readers that want to still use those methods. We encourage you to make your Donations now in the knowledge that we are providing a secure environment for your credit card transactions, and that we will never give out any information to anyone for any reason. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
. The Pre-WWI Map of Europe is now in color. (as of 09/03/2005):
The Map of Pree-World War I Europe that enhances every lecture, has been updated. With the old black-and-white image, it was hard to see the delineation of countries. Now, with color added, these boundaries are more clear. The price to pay is that the new Maps are 50% larger than the old Maps, due to the added color. But since most of our visitors are using broad-band connections, the download times should not be noticed.
. New Full-Text Search Feature is now implemented. (as of 08/22/2005):
It has been a long time since we updated our Search features, but now the Search page has some new entries: If a visitor wants to search for keywords in a specific Section of the Archive, there are entries on the right-hand side for this. Additionally, the "Search the Rudolf Steiner Archive" area now will search all of the Steiner documents we have on-line here— books, lectures, articles, essays, whatever — and present the matching lines in all of the documents that match the users query. Happy searching to all ...
. A Recent Acquisitions Box — has been added. (as of 06/23/2005):
Every year, we purchase new books, and artworks for The e.Lib, Inc. and the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Now, you can see what those new acquisitions are! We have added a new Recent Acquisitions area in the What's Coming page. In most cases, the item is still waiting to be put on-line. But with some, we put them up right away!
. A Different Look for the Appeal Box: (as of 05/02/2005):
We have added quotations and anecdotes to the Appeal box that leads off each page of the site. Of course there are Steiner quotes, but we thought our readers would enjoy quotations from other notable personalities. In addition, we have added some amusing anecdotes: little known vignettes from the lives of prominent people all over the world, all through time. Our hope is that this will make the Appeal box even more "appealing." Don't forget, we will always need the support and financial help of our readership. Thank you everyone.
. Archiving the Rudolf Steiner Archive. (as of 02/15/2005):
Just arrived: special archival materials to protect and keep the older documents we have here at the RS Archive. We are using some of the grant money we received to purchase archival quality protective sheets, acid-free folders and storage boxes, and the equipment to use these new materials. As you know, many of the documents we have are very old, and are starting to deteriorate. This new undertaking will help preserve these invaluable resources for generations to come.
. A new set of What's Old pages! (as of 01/21/2005):
Since the old “What's Old” pages were getting very large, we have broken them down by year. Actually, we have redone the whole “What's Up?” area of the site!

What's Happening Links ...

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Image 9781621480495.jpgMarkerRethinking EconomicsMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9781855841918.jpgMarkerThe Karma of Untruthfulness, Vol.2Marker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880101769.jpgMarkerMaterialism and the Task of AnthroposophyMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880103640.jpgMarkerThe Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and HumanityMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880105798.jpgMarkerEurythmy Forms for Tone EurythmyMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880103701.jpgMarkerReading the Pictures of the ApocalypseMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
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