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Archive Thank You Page ...

Over the years, many kind souls and sister organizations have helped the Rudolf Steiner Archive. This page is used to thank them for their contributions. We truly appreciates their many gifts.

Individual Contributors
These individuals have given of their time and energy to help make the Rudolf Steiner Archive what it is today: gifts of equipment, time in transcribing or editing, wonderful ideas and moral support, or putting up with the e.Librarian's quirks — thank you all.
Joseph S. Sellinger  Marylin J. Kraker
Chris Garrison  Mort Weizen
Werner Glas  Hans Gebert
Michael Duffy  Ralph Marinelli
Kristina Kaine  Lorenzo Ravagli
Mark Russell  Henk de Laat
Anna Quinn and Steven Decker  Kees Kromme
John R. Penner  Phil Centers
Lutz Baar  Valdemar Setzer
Xavier S. Bate  John Sterling Walker
Antonio Aretxabala  R.S.W. Bobbette
Ernst Katz  Karen Speerstra
Anonymous Contributors and Helpers Galore

Here credit is given to those organizations that have had a major role in shaping the Archive: by providing access to research material, answering questions and giving sound advice, and, saying it again, putting up with the e.Librarian's quirks — thanks to all.
Rudolf Steiner Library of Los Angeles  Mayflower Book Shop
Rudolf Steiner College Library  Rudolf Steiner Institute
Rudolf Steiner Library  Rudolf Steiner Research Center
The e.Lib, Inc.  C4 Systems, Inc.
The Anthroposophical Society in America
Thanks to the Rudolf Steiner Charitable Trust Advised Fund of RSF Social Finance for their very generous annual grants ever since 2009. Their financial support and encouragement has been a truly positive force in our growth over the past few years.
Thanks also to the Mid States Shared Gifting Group of RSF Social Finance for their generous grants in 2004, 2005, and 2007. We really appreciate their recognition and affirmation of our initiative.

Publishing Houses

It's the publishing houses that really deserve credit: without them, the Archive would have nothing to preserve. Thanks go to all publishers of Rudolf Steiner's works.

Rudolf Steiner Press  Anthroposophic Press
Mercury Press  SteinerBooks
Anthroposophical Publishing Co.  Steiner Book Centre
Rudolf Steiner Publishing Co.  Threefold Commonwealth
General Anthroposophical Society
and especially, the Current Anthroposophical Publishers!
And while we're here, we should all give thanks to those publishers and translators — many anonymous — who labored so hard to bring these written works to all of us. If you do copy any of this material, won't you honor these individuals by keeping the original copyright information intact? Show your thanks by buying Books.

Finally, if we have left anyone out, please accept our humblest apologies. This page has been long overdue, and remembering everything may not be one of the e.Librarians assets. Let us know of the omission so “Mr. Quirk” can fix it! For those people mentioned that haven't contacted us in a while, why not do it now? We'd love to hear from you.

Thank You All!

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