Robert Thibodeau at Mayflower

The Seven Planetary Conditions in the Waking Day ―
Homer's Golden Chain or Golden Thread Sutra

Saturn's night dark and heavy sleep
timeless time in duration
weaving in and out
womb holes in the center of stars
only Sun's light of dreams carried me
all through to morning's reflection
Moon's memory me washed ashore
from the ocean, dreams scattered
on a white skinned beach
every grain of sand a lifetime
night kissing morn. It will take
till earth high noon to fully wake
incarnate into myself fully here
gather all the pieces of myself
scattered about the world
in dreams come true
and re-mem-berries of and in time
what is with us all ways
all sufferings but a labor pain
this birth of meaningful songs and work.
afternoon brings waxing arisings to let go
waning fragments into a greater wholeness melting us
into Jupiter's social cultural belonging
community of life on earth, me it
this Spirit Self; after work we go
to the things we most Venus love
giving life to Spirit, here
there is nothing to crave, save, or slave for,
Sleep enters us into Spirit Spark, another star
in Vulcan's churn and alchemy
0f starry lit night tapestries mending time
turned into space meaningfully permeating
an incense's subtle pleasing lingering
a rainbow to hold all
past present and futures no longer
bounded and separate, no color
held hostage nor separate.
Everyone is present,
everyone. The dark of the soil and spiraling green,
Lily and Rose to unfold told me so
this morning, it must be true-
everything is linked together
singing with angels and birds alike
of this golden thread sutra.

                                                                              – robert of mayflower, 4/29/2004

Announcing Venus Transit Sun this June and again 2012.
Last Venus Transit: Isis Unveiled Written
and Buffalo slaugtered in North America

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