Robert Thibodeau at Mayflower

the incredible blessing

May this holy time of year
Bring you peace, good cheer.
May the dreams you hold most dear
Bless with Love, times of tears.
Bless with friends year out year in
Bless in faith when life wears thin
Whenever you fall to rise again
Bless with courage, times of fear
Bless in wisdom true self to share.
With love, hear now sacred truth
May Spirit unbridled, flying
In the face of time
Reveal eternal, kiss of sunshine, within
Unwinding the incredible blessing
You being you
       -Holy Season to you, family and friends,
                    -robert thibodeau 12/24/01

ps - -
More valuable than the world's vast treasure
Is friendship given without measure
From the heart.

Notes from Robert on the Christmas season ...

Solstice to Christmas, of course, is the deep esoteric remembrance of the 4 earth incarnations bringing us up to the present, the 'now.' The Physical, Etheric, Astral, and baby Jesus (incarnation of Solar Logos) or Christ possibility in us all. The 12 days of Christmas beginning on the 26th to Jan 6th give not only subtle indications of the 12 months to come, but more. This 12 days offers insights into the 3 future planetary states of evolution and each individual's work in progress. This being the 1) awakening of universal mind (theory of relativity, impermanence, dependent arising etc), 2) love/compassion, and 3) Spiritual Self, enlightenment, or truth body (Vulcan stage). In anthroposophical terms, it is the 'spirit self,' 'life spirit,' and 'spirit man' possibility. The four previous earth incarnations reveal the spiritual hierarchical gifts of the (3 Magi) physical, etheric, and astral body; as well as the fourth state being the 'baby spiritual self' or 'ego.' The 4 previous given gifts (now everyone has an ego) make their offerings (or initiatory journey) into the future metamorphosis of the soul, the future 3 earth planetary incarnations. Initiation is, out of freedom and love, to quicken or begin this process now. Almost all systems of initiation carry this 3 step process. This 4 times 3 relationship of, what is considered, the wisdom/love/will energetic of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost alchemically transforming the 3 gifts mediated by the spiritually aspiring 'ego' self is wonderfully revealed in time and festival of the season, the revelatory 12 days of Christmas as a path of initiation for the consciousness soul awakening.

Jan. 6th, of course, is 3 Kings Day as well as the baptism of Jesus becoming the Christ. It is no secret that ancient Egypt and Persia (and many more historical cultures) told this story of the 3 wise men following a star to the virgin birth. Each of us can now freely discover what this means to us as a free individual seeking light. Each of us can now find our own way into this deepest of mysteries awakening a higher knowledge and love participant with all life, with the future evolution of both ourselves and the whole of the earth. A Pentecostal foresight, to say the least.

And on the Mayflower front ...

I will be speaking Jan. 6th at Marianne Williamson's Church of Today in Warren Michigan on this subject. At the end of February, evening of the 25th, Philip Glass and friends will be doing a benefit concert at the same place to help the new Mayflower Bookshop to reopen. Anyone who may have an extra Steiner or related book and would like to donate to this cause, please send it along to the Mayflower Bookshop and the postoffice will get it to me. Thank you so much for your continued support. Life continues its adventures and challenges for us all. I thank everyone. Blessings.

Also penned by Robert: