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Here are some suggestions for doing the main exercises. These suggestions are to be taken just as such. You may want to add to them based solely on the contents given by Dr. Steiner. These exercises are done daily at the same time each day. They consist of the words, I AM, IT THINKS, SHE FEELS, IT WILLS. It is very important in doing these exercises that ones thoughts be concentrated on that part of the body indicated in the exercise as given by Dr. Steiner.

  1. You may sit up in the bed and put one foot against the opposite leg, or put the right hand over the left hand. In this position close your eyes otherwise the exercises are not effective .and began your concentrations. Take a deep breathe and while holding it, concentrate on a point between the eyes and repeat the letters, A and U. These are vowels and pronounced as ah for A and U as umm, umm. While silently pronouncing these vowel sounds, exhale the air you have breathed in and then while holding your breath, silently repeat these words, “I am.” I as an individuality of the Christ have been given the privilege of participating in helping to form this world. I create my own existence. To you mighty Elohim I am grateful for the frontward thrust of my skull creating the vaulted brow the form that had to come into existence before the Christ could dwell in me. Thank you. The important thing is to place these thoughts between the eyes. DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON THE VOWEL SOUNDS, BUT DO THEM AS BEST YOU CAN. The word thoughts are the important factor.

  2. Now concentrate on the larynx or Adam’s apple. Inhale and exhale with the AUM sounds. Hold the breath as long as possible and repeat these words.” It thinks. It, the word of power for beings of cosmic thinking. I thank you for this larynx this voice box through which I may make outer utterances of the inner contents of my soul. Thank you.

  3. Inhale and exhale again with the AUM sound. Place these thoughts on your two hands that are folded across your chest over your heart. She feels. She the word of power for beings of cosmic feelings. To you I am grateful for these hands and arms that you formed from animal organs of locomotion, standing me upright that I may look upon that which is good and true and beautiful, rescuing me from the crooked feet and dirty will of Lucifer and Ahriman Thank you.

  4. Hold the same position and repetition of the vowel sound while concentrating on the base of the spine repeat these words of thought. He wills. He the word of power for beings of cosmic will. To you mighty Thrones, I am grateful to you for this physical body that you condensed from warmth and given form and outline and individualized through outer layers of skin, to you I am grateful. One day when you have found deep within me that which is akin to your self you will take me up within thy self, and I will look back upon this earth to see what it is that I can pour into this earth for the furtherance of its evolution and what it is I can pour into my own physical body for its advancement along the spirit path. Thank you.

You would now continue on to the monthly exercises. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT IN DOING THESE EXERCISES THAT YOU PLACE THE THOUGHT CONTENT CONTAINED IN THE EXERCISES AS THEY ARE EXACTLY GIVEN IN “Esoteric Training.” It is permissible to combine the first two months of these monthly exercises into the first month. Then, continue with the third monthly exercise. Remember if you fail to place these thoughts while during these meditations on the positions of the body as instructed, you will not gain the benefit you are seeking. There have been those who started doing these exercises and have said they do not work. THIS IS BECAUSE THEY DID NOT FOLLOW EXACTLY THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY DR. STEINER. As I have said this book can be down loaded from the computer or purchased from several book stores.

 If a person does these exercises as prescribed there would be many diseases that would pass them by including all of those discussed in this presentation. I will be speaking on this subject matter in the times to come. There is much more to be said.

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