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THIS discovery of what was already there, Alzheimer's its origin and cause and prevention, will perhaps only be received by those who are afflicted or by his love ones who are seeking help on his behalf. This can best be explained by these thoughts. There were once two brothers whose sights were enchanted. They could only see the physical body of man, but there has always been more to man than just his physical body. But in order to see the other bodies of which man is composed further training and discipline were needed This required that all laboratory equipment, animal experiments and test tubes had to be put aside. One brother refuses to do this and remains blind to three fourth of the whole man and to the etiology and causes of many diseases that have their origins in these parts. The other brother decided that he would pursue such a study because it promised to give answer to the causes of the many diseases afflicting his patients and from which they are dying. Finally from such a study sense organs already present in the body developed into maturity and the other three fourth of all men could now be seen. Now causes of diseases once hidden can now be seen and treated objectively and not in a blind searching. When this was told to the other brother, he would not hear of it, because the results did not derive from the usual study of animals and what others had found from such studies. Neither would others seeking to find the answer to the causes of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and cancer and infections even consent to discuss nor consider the matter. The other brother decided that the others would never find the cure for these diseases by studying only the one physical aspect of man and because many people would die from such closed-mindedness, he decided to take his findings directly to the patients suffering from these diseases. Perhaps some would benefit from such knowledge. Let them test it out for themselves, and have a chance to save their own lives and become the “PHYSICIAN THAT HEALS HIMSELF” or through blind faith in a blind physician meet that other alternative of a premature death.

What is written or said to you will be based upon what I myself have seen or what has been personally experienced by me of all that is described as the four fold beings of man contained in the lectures which I am referring to by Dr. Steiner. I refer particularly to the lectures and their contents as contained in “Illness and Death,” Berlin, 13th December, 1906, “The Origin of Suffering,” Berlin, 8th November, 1906, and “The Origin of Evil,” Berlin, 22nd November, 1906. The whole sequence of Alzheimer's disease is spelled out at this point of the December 13th, 1906 lecture if one can correctly read and understand its contents.

 I am interested only in giving you as clearly as possible explanations which relates to the bone loss of the teeth of what causes the loss of memory and subsequent death of so many people, and what can be done to curtail it or cure it. I will answer the question first that if one has Alzheimer's at its early stage and still had some memory left what would I do? I would go to Border's Book store and ask them to order the following books for me “Guidance in Esoteric Training,” “Occult Science,” “Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment,” “Theosophy.” I would read first of all “Esoteric Training.” Memorize and do the exercises outlined therein. These exercises contain the “powerful thoughts” mentioned by Dr. Steiner which serve as energy or energy supplement for the ego. In conjunction with after having learned and mastered the foregoing exercises, I would read “Occult Science.” In this book, I would find on page 263 to the end of this book the exercises of the Rose Cross and the plant exercise. In reading “Higher Worlds,” I would notice that the contents are basically a description and elaboration of “Esoteric Training” and is not a substitution of the latter and would pay attention to the meditation of the growing plant. I would read with diligence, “Theosophy,” and “The Philosophy of Freedom” and be aware that the words contained in this book are to be understood as great ante dotes for Alzheimer's disease. I should now have a greater understanding of my sickness.

 I would reach the conclusion that there are no pills now or in the future which will cure Alzheimer's disease. I would begin to clearly understand that memory can only be restored or preserved by the thoughts contained in the reading materials I have cited, and in other writings by Dr. Steiner. This is the only remedy and treatment for this disease. I could now begin to understand what I now know of my own experiences of the effectiveness of the thoughts contained in the books I have read by Dr. Steiner against this disease I am fighting. After reading the basic books which I have listed above, I would have been introduced to the terminologies used in anthroposophy in describing man in total existence. I could now read Dr. Steiner's works on the various gospels with a greater understanding. I would now find that if all subject matters relating to physics, astrophysics, embryology, genetics and all other fields of science were deleted from the gospels, there would be little left to read. I would not forget that my purpose is to put into my consciousness “words of power” that can save my life. I would not be in the frame of mind of believing or not believing. I would keep an open mind and let the contents of what I am reading in time prove or disprove itself. I would take this man at his word that if I keep an open mind, the contents of what I read will become a living experience and prove themselves.

 If perchance you have gotten this far with diligence and an open mind after having read with attention all of the above books, you should now be in a position to have gained some personal knowledge of the curative power of this thought therapy. You should have more of an understanding about the ether body of man and well on the way of visual observation of this body. Now that you have some comprehension of the ether body, astral body and ego more and more will become clear to you.

You may now be in a position to understand these discussions with more clarity than before about the origins of cancer, infectious diseases, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's and diabetes. There can be no clarity without the reading of these introductory books I have listed and by during the exercises in “Esoteric Training” for however long it takes and during them as prescribed.

Again, man has four bodies. Each of these four bodies has frame works through which it exerts its influence. These descriptions are taken from lectures given by Dr. Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland on March 21–April 9th, 1920, entitled, “SPIRITUAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE.” In three lectures, numbers 13, 14 and 15, Dr. Steiner speaks of the origin of cancer, infectious diseases and diabetes. Now what is the origin of cancer? When the ego becomes weak, part of the ego itself is left behind in the body when the astral body and ego depart from the physical body and ether body at night during sleep. These fragments left behind begins to form an independent organ, it wants to create independently as is the nature of the ego in man. It wants to create an entirely independent organism of its own. It would take over the whole body if left unchecked Dr. Steiner was experimenting with the mistletoe plant and extracts from this plant for the treatment of cancer just before he died. These compounds for therapy are still available through the Weleda Pharmacy for physicians who are using this treatment. You may call 800-241-1030 or on the web, and make an inquiry. From this article, the prevention of the spreading of cancer would be to use a special preparation formulated by Dr. Steiner, called Rosemary Bath Oil. This bath oil strengthens the ego and prevents its further fragmentation from forming other sites of cancer. The pre-clinical symptoms, are sleep interruption and in daily life highly excitable over small things, not in control. Fragments left behind during sleep by the weak ego are the cause of the sleep interruptions. What should one do when the cancer signs appear? Begin taking the rosemary baths. Consult and talk with a physician. Take them even if he does not see any value in them. It is recommended that they be taken in the mornings. Whatever fragments the weak ego has left behind the night before are rejoined to the ego. Now we know what cancer is. We know its symptoms before it appears, and we know soaking in a rosemary bath for an hour each day until our sleep becomes normal is the thing to do. We know all of this from the lectures that we have read by Dr. Steiner. CANCER IS A MYSTERY ONLY TO THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO REMAIN BLIND WITH THEIR ENCHANTED SIGHT. “UNLESS YOU GET TO KNOW ME OH MAN, WITH YOUR BLUNT DULL SENSES, YOUR LIFE IS NOTHING BUT A BRIEF LYING PICTURE FORMED BY YOUR OWN ILLUSIONS”. Dr. Steiner used these words to describe the enchanted senses of man in one of his mystery plays.

In this article Dr. Steiner sets forth the origin of all infectious diseases. What are their causes? The frame work of the ego instead of the ego itself fractures into small pieces. These pieces manifest themselves in and on the body as infections. Bed sores develop from weak egos, they are infections. The treatment recommended by Dr. Steiner for infections can either be the Formica Bath Solution or the Rosemary Oil. If you are the type of person subject to weight gains because there are some persons who never gain weight. If you are one who never gains weight, the article specifies that you take Formica by mouth in drops; Formica prepared for that purpose has been highly diluted. These compounds cause the ego to return to its frame work and usually in a few weeks, seven or eight, or sooner, health is restored. Face infections, young or old, are an indication for these bathes. Dr. Steiner speaks of constipation and hypochondria as a defense by the body against cancer. The rosemary bath oil bath is an indication for these symptoms. Diabetes is the inability of the ego to metabolize sugar. If one has a strong ego then no diabetes. Again Dr. Steiner recommends the rosemary baths. This bath will strengthen the ego and in some cases may prevent amputations and death after the disease is contacted. The ego in this disease is not strong enough to push the sugar into the extremities. These rosemary baths should be taken certainly in the AM soaking for an hour and it would not hurt also to do the same in the PM. I say this from my own experiences I have only referred you to Weleda Pharmacy to purchase these substances because it is the only place in America that sells these products formulated by Dr. Steiner or under His personal direction.

I hope from this short presentation the reader will now understand what causes Diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, and infections and what you may do to help yourself. Some of these items may be purchased over the counter. You should know now that the ego expresses itself through the blood and if there is an infection involving the blood or skin it makes sense to do the rosemary bath or the Formica bath whatever the infection? All of these diseases are associated with bone loss of the teeth. Be aware of this and ask your dentist about bone loss around them. This loss is one of your early warning signs ... Your dentist may prescribe these substances for you.

With so many new diseases in the world, it is demanded that you, yourself, have a personal responsibility to learn about yourself. The books I have mentioned to you will elucidate all that Dr. Steiner has written, because you should not wait for someone else to teach you the meaning of life. Organized medicine one day sooner than later of necessity too many patients are being lost who could be saved the study of medicine must turn to the Anthroposophical or the Spiritual Science study of man if it ever is to begin to understand that man is not just the physical man that one can see with untrained eyes, but the physician must undergo that training which will allow him to treat the whole man. Otherwise he will keep on searching where the answer in not to be found. The study of the physical body along has been exhausted. One does not need an MD or DDS or Ph.D. or any other degree, as long as one has the ability to read and understand. One can, within limits, become ones own physician and heed the call, PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF. IT MUST COME TO THIS.

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