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Rudolf Steiner Obituaries

When Rudolf Steiner died, the New York Times ran the following obituary: we have reproduced it here, as the original scan of this newspaper page is very bad. The photo and translated caption are from a clipping submitted by an anonymous donor. We do not know where it is from ... it is German text, though. Here is a wonderful article by Marie Steiner: In Memory of Rudolf Steiner.

The New York Times
Tuesday, March 31, 1925.


Leader of Anthroposophical Movement Succumbs in Berne at 65 Years.

BERNE. March 30. — Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and theosophist. died here today. He was the President of the Anthroposophical Society.

BERLIN. March 30. — News of the death or Dr. Rudolf Steiner in Switzerland was received in Berlin today. Dr. Steiner was 65 years old and was the leader of the Anthroposophical Movement, which has its headquarters at Dornach, in the Alps. The Goetheanum, the temple-like home of the organization, which was burned in January, 1923, just after Dr. Steiner had delivered a lecture, was about to be rebuilt. This had caused much controversy, as many of the Swiss people declared that the plans were too fantastic and that the building would mar the mountain which was the scene of the battle in 1499, when the Swiss won their freedom by defeating the army of the Swabian League.

Dr. Steiner was born at Kraljevec in Silesia in 1861. From his youth onward he devoted himself to the study and propagation of Goethe’s ideals, according to his own conception of them, considerably amplifying the original thoughts of the great philosopher as he interpreted them. At the same time, he studied natural history, and applied to architectural structures such natural forms as trees, vegetables, and fruits, thus producing the buildings of the Society at Dornach.

His scheme for the organization of society that would make everybody happy was described in his book, “The Threefold State” of which more than 100,000 copies were sold on the Continent, as well as a large edition in England. The secret for removing the present ills from society lies in the division of the community literally into three separate states, the economic, the political, and the spiritual, the author maintaining that our troubles now arise from the confusion of these states.

To carry on industrial activities in accordance with Dr. Steiner’s ideals, a large company was formed, with headquarters at Dornach, near Basle. It was called “The Futurum Company, Ltd.” It started with a capital of $100,000 and soon directed several factories, while subscriptions for shares were solicited all over the world. Opinions as to the social theories of Dr. Steiner were naturally varied. Dr. Simons, the former German Foreign Minister, was said to have pronounced “The Threefold State” the only possible remedy for Bolshevism.

The Goetheanum, a vast double-domed structure, was dedicated to the memory of Goethe. It was built entirely of wood, at a cost of 5,000,000 Swiss francs. At the time of its destruction there was some talk of the fire having been started by opponents of the Steiner teachings, there having been reports of threats to burn the edifice, which had on that account been guarded for eighteen months.

Among the books written by Steiner were “Philosophy and Liberty,” “Goethe, the Father of a New Aestheticism,” “Christianity as a Mystical Fact” and “Haeckel and His Enemies.”

Unknown Swiss Newspaper

Steiner Newspaper Portrait
Click image for large view

Press Photo News-Service. Dr. Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Anthroposophical Society died in Dornach, near Basel. He was 64 years old.

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