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United StatesTherapeutic Homeschooling  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Information, resources, and support for parents homeschooling children with bipolar disorder using Waldorf Education. This site is growing daily and is more than just a personal account of homeschooling, but seeks to begin to help and reach out to other parents dealing with using Waldorf at home for children with bipolar disorder....
Added: Sep 20, 2005  Last Update: Sep 20, 2005  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 840  Hits Out: 3902
United StatesWonder Homeschool  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...A mom-to-mom site for Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers. Sections on Waldorf Basics, The Arts, Imagination, The Will, Humor, Lesson Planning, and Child Development will build your confidence. Then Beginners, Rhythm, Structure, and Lesson Planning will help you to move into teaching and learning with your child. This year our focus is on connecting - both in our teaching and with one another. Please join us!...
Added: Feb 28, 2005  Last Update: Feb 28, 2005  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 464  Hits Out: 4477
United StatesEarthSchooling  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Earthschooling is a Waldorf-inspired program that focuses on showing teachers and parents how to integrate Waldorf into the curriculum or methods they are already using or are familiar with. We work with all homeschooling families, public schools and Waldorf schools around the world. Earthschooling offers instructional videos, lesson plans, curriculum and lesson blocks....
Added: Apr 5, 2009  Last Update: Apr 5, 2009  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 158  Hits Out: 1801
United StatesChristopherus Homeschool Resources  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Waldorf-inspired publishing and consulting for home educators: our website includes a bookstore with all the different Waldorf homeschool books written by Donna Simmons, articles, resources for Waldorf homeschoolers, homeschooler networking and much more....
Added: Jul 27, 2005  Last Update: Jul 27, 2005  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 74  Hits Out: 3379
Germanyhomeschool spaces  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Expat Homeschool Blog by former teacher integrating a holistic approach to education....
Added: Jun 6, 2012  Last Update: Jun 6, 2012  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 65  Hits Out: 823
United StatesWaldorf at Home  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...An e-mail discussion group open to all homeschoolers working with Waldorf education as well as those exploring the possibility. Others, such as teachers or parents with children at Waldorf or public schools, who are interested in an open approach to Waldorf in the home, are also welcome. This group is moderated by Donna Simmons of Christopherus Homeschool Resources which sponsors this discussion group, although this is not a Christopherus "users' group"....
Added: Jul 27, 2005  Last Update: Jul 27, 2005  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 63  Hits Out: 2952
United StatesWaldorf Without Walls  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Waldorf homeschool consulting, resources, publications, newsletter, conferences and workshops....
Added: Nov 22, 2000  Last Update: Nov 22, 2000  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 62  Hits Out: 3540
United StatesEducational Toys  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Our learning products provide both you and your child fun ways of learning topics that are often frustrating and difficult for young children....
Added: Dec 6, 2010  Last Update: Dec 6, 2010  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 62  Hits Out: 1001
United StatesWaldorf Family Network  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...We are a grassroots community service project serving homeschooling families inspired by Waldorf education. Our primary mission is to be a wellspring of educational and inspirational support for the Waldorf homeschooling community at large, while also serving as a beacon of practical support for all Waldorf-inspired families living in the New England area. ...
Added: May 8, 2006  Last Update: May 8, 2006  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 59  Hits Out: 3012
Braziljardim de Inf‚ncia Alternativa  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Kindergarten at GuarujŠ-SP, Brazil....
Added: Oct 2, 2007  Last Update: Oct 2, 2007  Category: Homeschooling  Hits In: 56  Hits Out: 2372
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