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United StatesOnline Curriculum Faire for Waldorf Homeschoolers  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Annual Wonder Homeschool Faire of articles and curriculum samples each year from Mid-April through the end of May. Brings together an eclectic mix of holistic and Waldorf homeschooling vendors. Learn what's on sale, what's new, and maybe get your first peek at a curriculum you've never seen. All Waldorf Ed vendors are invited to submit samples at no charge and Wonder Homeschool is still non-profit and ad-free. Hopefully this will make your curriculum shopping just a bit easier....
Added: Apr 15, 2006  Last Update: Nov 30, 1999  Category: Festivals  Hits In: 61  Hits Out: 3854
United StatesWinter Wonderfest  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...This is an online festival created for isolated Waldorf-inspired families, but enjoyed by all of us. Crafts, stories, family celebration ideas, and articles will stay online through January 7th. New material is added each week. ...
Added: Nov 27, 2006  Last Update: Nov 30, 1999  Category: Festivals  Hits In: 59  Hits Out: 3576
United StatesThe Inner Christmas Movie  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...A 4 minute e-movie about the 12 Holy Nights. Seen by thousands of people around the world. Opportunity to subscribe to daily inspirations for inner development from December 25 to January 6....
Added: Oct 28, 2007  Last Update: Nov 30, 1999  Category: Festivals  Hits In: 53  Hits Out: 4131
United StatesBrunnen von Christus Soulscapes  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Celebrating the Year in the Day, an article by James Gillen. "Using our artistic imagination to recognize, sincerely appreciate and creatively grasp the organism of time co-revealed in the cycle of the year and the course of the day."...
Added: Sep 27, 2008  Last Update: Nov 30, 1999  Category: Festivals  Hits In: 50  Hits Out: 2516
United StatesRudolf Steiner Branch Chicago  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Greetings and welcome to the website of The Rudolph Steiner Branch of the Anthroposophical Society. We are located near the bustling Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago. We have a rich life here at the branch, with many lectures, programs, and festivals....
Added: Apr 9, 2015  Last Update: Nov 30, 1999  Category: Festivals  Hits In: 11  Hits Out: 1816
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