Rudolf Steiner

Art as Seen in the Light
of Mystery Wisdom

Eight lectures held in Dornach
from 28th December 1914 to the 4th January 1915
with an introduction
by Marie Steiner


First complete Edition by Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1984

Lectures 2 and 3 previously published in `Art in the Light of Mystery Wisdom' Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1970

Translated from shorthand reports unrevised by the lecturer. The original German text is published in the Complete Edition of the works of Rudolf Steiner entitled, ' Kunst im Lichte der Mysterienweisheit' (No. 275 in the Bibliographical Survey 1961)

This English edition is published in agreement with the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.
Translation by Pauline Wehrle (lectures 1 and 4 to 8) and Johanna Collis (lectures 2 and 3)

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© 1984 Rudolf Steiner Press, London

ISBN 0-85440-416-3