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Help: Side by Side Compare

Help with Using
Side by Side Compare

You'll notice the “Side by Side Compare” window is divided into 2 mirrored sections below the horizontal separator line. Each side can display one Chapter of whichever Edition of this Book is selected in the top pull-down list. The pull-down list below the Edition list is the Chapter selection list. It will change, depending on which edition is selected.

When selections are complete for both sides of the window, simply click on the <Compare> button that is between the 2 mirrored sides. Your selections will appear in the 2 frames below the selection boxes. In addition, Cover images will be displayed next to their respective selection boxes. You may click the Cover image to bring up a window of a larger Cover image, and some information on the edition you have selected.

Directly above each selected Book/Chapter frame is a Search form you can use to search the respective document. Simple enter the text to search for — case insensitive — and click on the Search button. The text will be highlighted in the text frame. Please note: this feature may not work properly in some versions of some browsers.

As you peruse the documents, you may come across some error/typos that need correction: below each set of selection boxes there is a link to our Text Correction form, one for each of the 2 texts. There is also a link to the Correction Help instructions. Be sure to click on the Corrections Link that corresponds to the Text you are correcting.

Some notes on the correction process: we strive to present Steiner's material in the same way it was presented in the original publication — typos and all. We may add a clarifying remark at points, but if your correction points to one of these instances, we may or may not add the clarification. We will, however, change any and all errors/typos we have made in bringing the document to the Web.

Another point to remember: there are quite a few German words, even in the English translations. Umlauts may run rampant in a particular text. Be sure you have the correct character set turned on for your browser.

We hope you enjoy this feature,
— The e.Librarian