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Spirit and Matter, Life and Death

Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod.

Rudolf Steiner
(Given 1917; Bn 66, GA 66, CW 66)

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Contents of this volume: spirit and matter, life and death / fate and soul / soul immortality, the forces of fate and human curriculum vitae / the human soul and human body in natural and spiritual knowledge / soul puzzles and riddles / life, death, and soul immortality in the universe / the beyond the senses and beyond the soul. These are seven public lectures, given at Berlin, in February and March of 1917.

Known Publications:

  • Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod, German language editions: 1961, 1988. ISBN 3-7274-0660-7,
  • Destiny and the Human Soul, two lectures given by Rudolf Steiner at Dornach on February 17th and March 1st 1917. Typescript, London Ref. Z-373.
  • Spirit and Matter, Life and Death, a First Edition published by the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib in 2016.
  • No other English language books have been published.

GA 66 ... Selections ...


Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod.

Book Cover Image Hier sind sieben Vorträge von Rudolf Steiner in Berlin im Winter / Frühjahr 1917 gegeben. Die Inhalte sind: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod / Schicksal und Seele / Seelenunsterblichkeit, Schicksalskräfte und menschlicher Lebenslauf / Menschenseele und Menschenleib in Natur- und Geisterkenntnis / Seelenrätsel und Welträtsel / Leben, Tod und Seelenunsterblichkeit im Weltenall / Das Jenseits der Sinne und das Jenseits der Seele. 7 öffentliche Vorträge, Berlin 15. Februar bis 31. März 1917.


Spirit and Matter, Life and Death

Book Cover Image This is a translation of GA 66 (by an anonymous translator), of seven lectures by Rudolf Steiner, given at Berlin in February and March 1917. The original title, in German, is: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod. Several of these lectures have never been translated into English, and are presented here for the first time! This is a First Edition publication!


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