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Catalogue of Holdings
(The writings of Rudolf Steiner)

Articles/Essays by Rudolf Steiner

All of the highlighted article titles point to the actual text of the named article (on-line here, at the RS Archive). To read a summary of these articles (for the ones we offer), click on the [*] icon following the title. Bolded titles are not yet on-line.

Referenced Journals:

  • A(Mo) Anthroposophy, A Monthly
  • AM Anthroposophical Movement
  • AR Anthroposophical Review
  • AQ Anthroposophy, A Quarterly (old series and new series)
  • GB Golden Blade
  • NS News Sheet
  • TCW Threefold Commonwealth, London

Albert Steffen, Lyric Poet
In Forerunner, Vol. 4, #1
Another Secret of Shakespeare's Works
1898 – AQ, Vol. III, #4, 1928
Anthroposophy and the Social Question [*]
Three Essays originally published in “Luzifer/Gnosis” – English translation, published several times
Aphorisms of East and West.
In “West and East: Contrasting Worlds”
Aphoristic Remarks on Speech Formation and Dramatic Art
concerning the “Speech and Drama Course” [*] – “Was in die Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft vorgeht” Vol. 1, 36-38. English translation in: Creative Speech [*]
Atomism and Its Refutation
English translation Pamphlet
A Banking Institution.
November, 1920, GA/Bn 24 – Aufsetze ueber der Dreigliedenung... – English translation Typescript
Capital and Credit
TCW 1:1 – also in Renewal of the Social Organism [*] under the title “The Threefold Order and Social Trust, Capital and Credit,” p. 38
Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz
1917 – English translation in “A Christian Rosenkreutz Anthology” ed. Paul Allen
written in the 1890's in Weimar. First appeared in “Briefe 1,” 1881-1891. English translation – Proteus Quarterly Vol. 1, #2
Destiny, or Karma
first published 1919. English translation in pamphlet form
East and West
English translation in The Threefold Commonwealth Bulletin, NY, Vol. 1, #3
Educational Aims of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart
TCW 1:1
Education and Art
A(MO) Vol II, p. 53
Education and the Moral Life
A(Mo) Vol. II, p. 55
The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy
1907 – first appeared in Luzifer/Gnosis
Faust and Hamlet
A(Mo) Vol III, #10
The Flight from Thinking
in “Oswald Spengler: Prophet of World Chaos”
A Foreboding of Our Time – Fifty Years Ago
A(Mo) Vol. II, #12
Foundation of the General Anthroposophical Society at the Christmas Meeting, 1923 [*]
The Life, Nature, and Cultivation of Anthroposophy [*]
A Fragment from My Visit to England
A(Mo) Vol. II, #10
A Frequent Point of Opposition to Anthroposophy
A(Mo) II, #7/8
From the Contents of the Esoteric School I, II, III
much the same material is reproduced in:
“Guidance in Esoteric Training” [*]
From Philosophy to Anthroposophy
1914 – now incorporated as concluding chapter of “Riddles of Philosophy,” also found in GB, 1953
The Fundamental Social Law
TCW 1:1 – also in Renewal of the Social Organism [*] under the title “The Threefold Order and Social Trust, Capital and Credit,”
Genoa – An “Urgent Need”
TCW 2:2,3
Goethe as the Founder of a New Science of Aesthetics
Goethe in His Growth, Seen in the Light of Benedetto Croce
A(Mo) III, p. 1
Goethe at the Height of His Creation Seen in the Light of B. Croce
1923 – A(Mo) Vol. III, p. 17
Goethe's Cultural Environment and the Present Epoch
AQ, Vol. 20, #4, 1975
Goethe's Faust: A Picture of His Esoteric World Conception
1902 – English translation in “Goethe's Standard of the Soul”
Goethe's Standard of the Soul as Illustrated in Faust
1902 – English translation as Chapter II in “Goethe's Standard of the Soul”
Goethe's Standard of the Soul as Illustrated in His Fairy Story of “The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily”
an elaboration of Steiner's article of 1889 – Goethe's Secret Revelation – English translation in “Goethe's Standard of the Soul”
The Goetheanum in Dornach and Its Work
A(Mo) Vol. 1, p. 49
Goetheanum in the Ten Years of Its Life
A(Mo) II, #1
Haeckel and His Opponents
1899 – in “Two Essays on Haeckel”
Haeckel, “The Riddle of the Universe,” and Theosophy
1908 – in “Two Essays on Haeckel”
Hopeful Aspects of the Present World Situation
1921 – in Forerunner Vol. IV, #3
How Karma Works
essay originally published in Luzifer/Gnosis, English translation published with Reincarnation and Karma
Individualism in Philosophy [*]
This is the first English translation of Rudolf Steiner's essay “Egoismus in der Philosophie” (1899), first published in Arthur Dix's collection of essays entitled Der Egoismus. This essay is also published under the title “Der Individualismus in der Philosophie” in Methodische Grundlagen der Anthroposophie: gesammelte Aufsätze 1884-1901, GA/Bn 30.
An Introduction to Eurythmy [*]
TCW 1:2
An Introduction to Waldorf Education [*]
English translation – pamphlet, 1985
Is Anthroposophy Mere Fancy?
A(Mo) II, #6
Knowledge of the State Between Death and a New Birth
essay from “Das Reich,” April 1916, Jan. 1917, Pt 1 – AQ Vol. 1, #4, Pt. II – AQ Vol. II, #1
Land, Means of Production and Commodities – Points Raised at a Study Circle
TCW 1:1
Language and the Spirit of Language
AQ Vol. 4, #3
The Life of the Soul
A(Mo) Vol 3, later a pamphlet
from the journal “Luzifer” Vol. 1, June, 1903, English translation – typescript
Margaret MacMillan and Her Work
A(Mo) Vol. II, #11
Michael and the Dragon
essay in “Das Goetheanum,” Sept. 30, Oct. 7, 1923, AQ Vol. 2, #2
My Visit to England
English translation in A(Mo) 1, #10
On the Life of the Soul [*]
four short essays, 1923 – English translation pamphlet 1985
Philosophy and Anthroposophy [*]
Close Writing of a lecture by the same title given August 17, 1908
Psychologic Aphorisms
1922 – first appeared in Das Goetheanum, July 2, 1922. English translation “The Threefold Commonwealth,” NY Vol. 1, #9
The Question Before the World
TCW 2:1
Reincarnation and Karma [*]
essay originally published in Luzifer/Gnosis. English translation published with “How Karma Works”
Report of Rudolf Steiner on his lecture tour in Holland and England
1922 – NS, Vol. 3, #5/6, Feb. 10, 1935
Requirements of Spiritual, Social and Economic Life
TCW 1:1 – also in Renewal of the Social Organism [*] under the title “The Threefold Order and Social Trust, Capital and Credit,”
Science of the Spirit and the Social Question
essay written 1905, first published in “Luzifer/Gnosis” – English translation in “The Nature of Anthroposophy,” p. 85 ff
Scientific Method of Anthroposophy
1922 – in Forerunner, Vol. V, #2
Second Goetheanum
A(Mo) Vol. III p. 129
Spengler's Perspectives of World History
in “Oswald Spengler: Prophet of World Chaos”
Spengler's Physiognomic View of History
in “Oswald Spengler: Prophet of World Chaos”
Spengler's Spirit-Deserted History
in “Oswald Spengler: Prophet of World Chaos”
The Spiritual is ‘Forgotten’ by the Ordinary Consciousness; It Can Be Remembered Again
first appeared in “Das Goetheanum” Dec. 2, 1923 – English translation in A(Mo) Vol. III, #3, Mar. 1924
Spiritual Life, Civil Rights, Industrial Economy
first appeared in Soziale Zukunft – English translation in Hibbert Journal, 1921
Spiritual Life in World Affairs
TCW 2:1
Supersensible Knowledge: Its Secrecy in the Past and Publication in Our Time
1918 – AQ 1:3
Spiritual Science: A Brief Review of Its Aims and of the Attacks of Its Opponents
1914 – English translation pamphlet, 1914
The Task of Spiritual Science
TCW 1:10
Three Articles from The Journal “Luzifer”:
(1) Theosophy and German Culture
(2) Occult Investigation of History
(3) On Reincarnation and Senility
Threefold Social Order: False and True
1921 – A(Mo) Vol. 1, p. 67
Truth and Verisimilitude in a Work of Art
1898 – Forerunner, Vol. 3, #1
Twelve Moods [*]
TCW 2:2, 3
The Way to Save the German People
first published in the newspaper “Dreigliederung des Sozialen Organismus.” – English translation in “The Threefold Order of the Body Social”, III
What Men Today Must See
English translation in “The Threefold Commonwealth”, NY, Vol. 1, #1
Why an Anthroposophical Art of Education?
A(Mo) Vol. II, #9

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