Rudolf Steiner Archive 

Awakening Anthroposophy
in the World

Selected Items for GA 186:

Date Name of Item
1918-12-12 pm Social and Anti-Social Forces in the Human Being
1918-12-13 pm Fundamental Social: Lecture 1: The Transforming of Instinctive into Conscious Impulses
1918-12-14 pm Fundamental Social: Lecture 2: The Logic of Thought and the Logic of Reality
1918-12-15 pm Fundamental Social: Lecture 3: The Metamorphosis of Intelligence
1918-12-20 pm Fundamental Social: Lecture 4: The New Revelation of the Spirit
1918-12-21 pm Fundamental Social: Lecture 5: Understand One-Another
1918-11-29 pm Challenge/Times: Lecture I: East and West from a Spiritual Point of View
From: The Challenge of the Times
1918-11-30 pm Challenge/Times: Lecture II: The Present from the Viewpoint of the Present
From: The Challenge of the Times
1918-12-01 pm Challenge/Times: Lecture III: The Mechanistic, Eugenic and Hygienic Aspects of the Future
From: The Challenge of the Times
1918-12-06 pm Challenge/Times: Lecture IV: Social and Antisocial Instincts
From: The Challenge of the Times
1918-12-07 pm Challenge/Times: Lecture V: Specters of the Old Testament in the Nationalism of the Present
From: The Challenge of the Times
1918-12-08 pm Challenge/Times: Lecture VI: The Innate Capacities of the Nations of the World
From: The Challenge of the Times

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