Rudolf Steiner Archive 

Awakening Anthroposophy
in the World

Selected Items for GA 181:

Date Name of Item
1918-03-30 pm The Earth As Being with Life, Soul, and Spirit: Lecture 1
1918-04-01 pm The Earth As Being with Life, Soul, and Spirit: Lecture 2
1918-01-22 pm Earthly Death/Cosmic Life: Lecture 1: The Present Position of Spiritual Science
1918-01-29 pm Earthly Death/Cosmic Life: Lecture 2: A Contribution to our Knowledge of the Human Being
1918-02-05 pm Earthly Death/Cosmic Life: Lecture 3: The Living and the Dead
1918-03-05 pm Earthly Death/Cosmic Life: Lecture 4: The Cosmic Thoughts and our Dead
1918-03-12 pm Earthly Death/Cosmic Life: Lecture 5: Man's Connection with the Spiritual World
1918-03-19 pm Earthly Death/Cosmic Life: Lecture 6: Feelings of Unity and Sentiments of Gratitude: A Bridge to the Dead
1918-03-26 pm Earthly Death/Cosmic Life: Lecture 7: Confidence in Life and Rejuvenation of the Soul: A Bridge to the Dead
1918-03-30 pm Life Gifts: Lecture I: Folk Souls and the Mystery of Golgotha
1918-04-01 pm Life Gifts: Lecture II: The Relativity of Knowledge, and Spiritual Cosmology
1918-04-02 pm Life Gifts: Lecture III: Thoughts about the Life Between Death and Rebirth
1918-04-09 pm Life Gifts: Lecture IV: The Eternal and the Imperishable
1918-04-16 pm Life Gifts: Lecture V: Thoughts on Life and Death
1918-05-14 pm Life Gifts: Lecture VI: Spiritual Science, the Practice of Life and the Destinies of Souls
1918-05-21 pm Life Gifts: Lecture VII: Whitsuntide Lecture
1918-06-25 pm Sound Outlook: Lecture I: States of Consciousness
1918-07-03 pm Sound Outlook: Lecture II: The Building at Dornach
1918-07-09 pm Sound Outlook: Lecture III: East and West
1918-07-16 pm Sound Outlook: Lecture IV: History and Repeated Earth-Lives
1918-07-23 pm Sound Outlook: Lecture V: The Being and Evolution of Man
1918-07-30 pm Sound Outlook: Lecture VI: Problems of the Time (I)
1918-08-06 pm Sound Outlook: Lecture VII: Problems of the Time (II)

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