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CV Listing of Lectures

The Table below lists the Schmidt Number, Bn/GA/CW number, book title, the Date given, and the City. Change the sort order by clicking on a highlighted column heading (asterisk denotes sorted column). Use the different searches to filter the results. The “Dates” in the calendar search filters are restricted to the dates that Rudolf Steiner actually gave lectures: 1880-00-00 through 1924-09-28. Big thanks go to J. W. Haslett and Paul Davis for their work in cataloguing the works of Rudolf Steiner! Their efforts have greatly helped in bringing this database into being. This listing is by no means the definitive compilation of Rudolf Steiner's lectures, but it is the most comprehensive we have, to date.

 * Schmidt No.   Date    DoW   GA  City   Title of Lecture  
.  S-0874c 1904-07-07   Thu  B67    Berlin Being, Life, Consciousness
AKA:  Being, Life, and Consciousness
.  S-0874e 1904-07-08   Fri  none    Berlin Sacramentalism, A Special Provision of our Fifth Race
AKA:  Sacramentalism, A Special Function of our Fifth Race
.  S-0925 1904-10-29   Sat  none    Berlin Platonic Mysticism and Docta ignorantia 1
AKA:  German Mysticism and its Preconditions
.  S-0940 1904-11-05   Sat  none    Berlin Platonic Mysticism and Docta ignorantia 2
AKA:  German Mysticism and its Preconditions
.  S-0950 1904-11-12   Sat  none    Berlin Platonic Mysticism and Docta ignorantia 3
AKA:  German Mysticism and its Preconditions
e.Book  S-0964 1904-11-27   Sun  none    Cologne Lecture II
From:  The Story of the Green Serpent and the Beautiful Lily
.  S-0968 1904-11-30   Wed  none    Duesseldorf The Masters and the Atom, Freemasonry and the Temple Legend   
e.Book  S-1007 1905-01-19   Thu  none    Duesseldorf Evolution of Human Freedom and Personal Consciousness
From:  Evolution of Human Freedom and Personal Consciousness
e.Book  S-1051 1905-03-22   Wed  none    Duesseldorf The Old Sagas of the Gods
From:  The Old Sagas of the Gods
.  S-1056 1905-03-27   Mon  none    Berlin The Seven Trees   
.  S-1060 1905-04-03   Mon  none    Berlin (notes F. Paddock) St. Martin and His Work   
.  S-1098 1905-05-24   Wed  none    Berlin Lecture 2
AKA:  The Fourth Dimension
.  S-1101 1905-05-31   Wed  none    Berlin Lecture 3
AKA:  The Fourth Dimension
.  S-1103 1905-06-07   Wed  none    Berlin Lecture 4
AKA:  The Fourth Dimension
.  S-1105 1905-06-19   Mon  none    Berlin The Sermon on the Mount   
.  S-1106 1905-06-26   Mon  none    Berlin On The Gospel of St. John
From:  On The Gospel of St. John
.  S-1192 1905-12-03   Sun  none    Cologne (notes)   
.  S-1194 1905-12-04   Mon  none    Duesseldorf On Yoga   
.  S-1206 1905-12-15   Fri  none    Munich The Rosy Cross Initiation   
.  S-1252 1906-02-11   Sun  none    Duesseldorf Behrens's Aphorisms in French   
.  S-1255 1906-02-13   Tue  none    Bonn The Tasks and Aims of the Theosophical Movement   
.  S-1434 1906-11-27   Tue  none    Duesseldorf The Gospel of St. John and Ancient Mysteries
From:  Esoteric Christianity
.  S-1466 1907-01-18   Fri  none    Stuttgart The Origin of Evil   
.  S-1587b 1907-10-09   Wed  none    Berlin Lecture   
.  S-1596 1907-10-21   Mon  none    Berlin Occult Anatomy--Human Organs and Their Transformation, Illness, Death   
.  S-1597 1907-10-21   Mon  none    Berlin White and Black Magic in Their Opposition and in Relation to Some Other Concepts   
.  S-1631 1907-12-02   Mon  none    Nuremberg Richard Wagner and Mysticism
From:  Anthroposophy - Midsummer 1930 Volume 5 Number 2
AKA:  Wagner
.  S-1646 1907-12-19   Thu  none    Cologne So-called Dangers of Initiation   
.  S-1692 1908-02-20   Thu  none    Kassel The Origin of Evil   
.  S-1704 1908-03-05   Thu  none    The Hague Mysticism and Esotericism   
.  S-1706 1908-03-06   Fri  none    The Hague Occultism and Esotericism, Cosmic Development and Human Development   
.  S-1708 1908-03-07   Sat  none    Amsterdam Esoteric Christianity   
.  S-1709 1908-03-07   Sat  none    Amsterdam The Astral World and Devachan, Their Relationship and Connection   
.  S-1711 1908-03-08   Sun  none    Rotterdam Higher Knowledge and Rosicrucianism   
.  S-1712 1908-03-09   Mon  none    Nijmegen Degrees of Higher Knowledge   
.  S-1713 1908-03-09   Mon  none    Nijmegen The Initiation of the Rosicrucians   
.  S-1714 1908-03-10   Tue  none    Nijmegen On Rosicrucian Esotericism and the Development of the Cosmos   
.  S-1863 1908-11-06   Fri  none    Munich Carnegie and Tolstoy
.  S-1903 1909-01-09   Sat  none    Munich The Four Temperaments   
.  S-2120 1909-12-12   Sun  none    Nuremberg The Moon and Anthroposophical Rhythms   
.  S-2191 1910-03-12   Sat  none    Munich The Mission of Anger, Truth...   
.  S-2373 1911-02-06   Mon  none    Duesseldorf Mysteries of Heredity and Talents 1   
.  S-2378 1911-02-14   Tue  none    Munich Mysteries of Heredity and Talents 2 -or- Heredity   
.  S-2384 1911-02-22   Wed  none    Basel Anthroposophy in Daily Life   
e.Book  S-2392 1911-03-04   Sat  none    Hannover 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life'
From:  'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life'
e.Book  S-2655 1912-11-27   Wed  none    Munich The Errors of Spiritual Investigation
From:  The Errors of Spiritual Investigation
.  S-2669 1912-12-27   Fri  none    Hannover A Necessity of Life   
e.Book  S-2718 1913-02-18   Tue  none    Stuttgart About Horses That Can Count and Calculate
From:  About Horses That Can Count and Calculate
.  S-2728 1913-03-03   Mon  none    Frankfurt Spiritual Science and Natural Sciences - their Relationship to the Riddles of Life - 2
From:  Truths and Errors of Spiritual Research
.  S-2731 1913-03-09   Sun  none    Munich How Can We Gain Knowledge of the Supersensible Worlds?
From:  How Can We Gain Knowledge of the Supersensible Worlds?
.  S-2735 1913-03-13   Thu  none    Augsburg The Essence and Nature of the Human Soul and the Riddle of Death   
.  S-2753 1913-03-29   Sat  none    The Hague Questions and Answers   
.  S-2768 1913-04-23   Wed  none    Essen From a Branch Lecture in Essen on 23 April 1913
From:  From a Branch Lecture in Essen on 23 April 1913
.  S-2783 1913-05-19   Mon  none    Stuttgart Raphael's Mission...   
.  S-2784 1913-05-20   Tue  none    Stuttgart The Necessity of Developing the Power of Discernment   
.  S-2817 1913-09-20   Sat  none    Dornach Laying the Cornerstone for the Building in Dornach   
e.Book  S-2838 1913-11-15   Sat  none    Hamburg Jesus and Christ
From:  Jesus and Christ
.  S-2876 1914-01-20   Tue  none    Berlin The Pseudo-Science of Today, Freud, Jung   
e.Book  S-2940 1914-07-13   Mon  none    Norrkoping Theosophy and Christianity
AKA:  Anthroposophy and Christianity
.  S-2952 1914-09-19   Sat  none    Dornach Anniversary of the Laying of the Foundation Stone --reference uncertain--   
.  S-3067 1915-05-17   Mon  none    Linz Man's Soul-Spiritual Development   
.  S-3153 1915-11-25   Thu  none    Stuttgart German Idealistic Philosophy -or- Kant, Schelling, Hegel, and Goethe   
.  S-3183 1916-01-14   Fri  none    Basel The Harmony between Spiritual Science and Natural Science   
.  S-3478 1918-02-12   Tue  none    Nuremberg The Manifestations of the Unconscious in the Life of the Soul   
.  S-3517 1918-05-03   Fri  none    Munich Mankind's Historical and Moral Life   
.  S-3533 1918-06-14   Fri  none    Prague How Is It Possible to Recognize the Human Soul's Supersensible Life and Nature?   
.  S-3642 1919-01-26   Sun  none    Dornach An Introduction to "Aegean Sea" from Faust   
.  S-3911 1919-11-23   Sun  none    Dornach Beauty and Ugliness in Art   
.  S-4205 1920-09-06   Mon  none    Dornach What is the Mission of the Small, Intermediate Nations?   
.  S-4379 1921-01-31   Mon  none    Basel The Task of the Goetheanum -or- Science, Art, Religion, and Anthroposophy   
e.Book  S-4380 1921-02-01   Tue  none    Basel The Threshold in Nature and Man -or- The Human Soul and the World of Nature   
.  S-4412 1921-03-01   Tue  none    Amsterdam Philosophy and Anthroposophy   
.  S-4551 1921-07-27   Wed  none    Darmstadt From Nature Knowledge to Spirit Knowledge
AKA:  College Conference "Anthroposophy and Science" (July 25-30)
.  S-4553 1921-07-28   Thu  none    Darmstadt The Spiritual Signature of the Present Time
AKA:  College Conference "Anthroposophy and Science" (July 25-30)
.  S-4554 1921-07-29   Fri  none    Darmstadt The Influence of Architectural Styles on Human Living, A. Strakosh   
.  S-4556 1921-07-29   Fri  none    Darmstadt The Task of Anthroposophy vis-a-vis Science and Everyday Life
AKA:  College Conference "Anthroposophy and Science" (July 25-30)
.  S-4568 1921-08-15   Mon  none    Dornach Metamorphosis of Plants   
.  S-4573 1921-08-23   Tue  none    Dornach Anthroposophy and Art
AKA:  Summer Course (Summer Art Course)
.  S-4583 1921-08-28   Sun  none    Dornach Goethe and the Time   
.  S-4790 1922-03-18   Sat  none    Dornach Impulse Kultur/Wissenschaft: Vortrag VIII: Bericht
From:  Erneuerungs-Impulse fr Kultur und Wissenschaft
.  S-4819 1922-04-21   Fri  none    Stratford New Ideals in Education 2
AKA:  Celebrating the Committee "New Ideals in Education"
.  S-5067 1922-10-31   Tue  none    The Hague The Knowledge of Man's Spiritual Being   
.  S-5070 1922-11-03   Fri  none    The Hague The Knowledge of the Spiritual Being of the Universe   

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