Calendar of the Soul
(Southern Hemisphere)

Forty-ninth Verse

Twenty-third Week

  I feel the force of cosmic life:
  Thus speaks my clarity of thought,
  Recalling its own spirit growth
  Through nights of cosmic darkness,
  And to the new approach of cosmic day
  It turns its inward rays of hope.

English translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

  Ich fühle Kraft des Weltenseins:
  So spricht Gedankenklarheit,
  Gedenkend eignen Geistes Wachsen
  In finstern Weltennächten,
  Und neigt dem nahen Weltentage
  Des Innern Hoffnungsstrahlen.

The Year Participated translation
by Owen Barfield

  A touch of autumn now
  muffles the lively senses' reach,
  over the open face of light
  some sober trails of vapor creep;
  I, from here gazing outward into space,
  behold there autumn's winter-sleep;
  summer is gone
  summer has given up herself to me.

(provided with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Press)