Calendar of the Soul

[May 21, 2017 - May 27, 2017]
Sixth Week

  There has arisen from its narrow limits
  My self and finds itself
  As revelation of all worlds
  Within the sway of time and space;
  The world, as archetype divine,
  Displays to me at every turn
  The truth of my own likeness.

English translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

  Es ist erstanden aus der Eigenheit
  Mein Selbst und findet sich
  Als Weltenoffenbarung
  In Zeit- und Raumeskräften;
  Die Welt, sie zeigt mir überall
  Als göttlich Urbild
  Des eignen Abbilds Wahrheit.

The Year Participated translation
by Owen Barfield

  Risen from separate me
  I feel my self-expression fit,
  as cosmic revelation,
  with sturdy goings on in time and space;
  the world before me overall
  as my divine Original
  confirms as true this Copy made from it.

(provided with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Press)