Calendar of the Soul

[April 01, 2018 - April 07, 2018]
(First Week)


  When out of world-wide spaces
  The sun speaks to the human mind,
  And gladness from the depths of soul
  Becomes, in seeing, one with light,
  Then rising from the sheath of self,
  Thoughts soar to distances of space
  And dimly bind
  The human being to the spirit's life.

English translation
by Ruth and Hans Pusch

  Wenn aus den Weltenweiten
  Die Sonne spricht zum Menschensinn
  Und Freude aus den Seelentiefen
  Dem Licht sich eint im Schauen,
  Dann ziehen aus der Selbstheit Hülle
  Gedanken in die Raumesfernen
  Und binden dumpf
  Des Menschen Wesen an des Geistes Sein.

The Year Participated translation
by Owen Barfield

  When out from far and wide
  the sun calls to the mind and sense of man
  and joy from in the soul with light grows one
  in act of contemplation,
  thoughts from their cuticle of self break free
  into the vast of space, and groping bind
  unto essential Spirit actual man.

(provided with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Press)

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