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The Riddles of the Soul,

The Case for Anthroposophy,
Von Seelenrätseln.
Anthropologie und Anthroposophie, Max Dessoir über Anthroposophie,
Franz Brentano (Ein Nachruf). Skizzenhafte Erweiterungen,

Anthroposophie und Anthropologie.

Rudolf Steiner
(Written 1917; GA 21 / Bn 21 / CW 21)

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The title, Riddles of the Soul. Anthropology and anthroposophy, Max Dessoir about anthroposophy, Franz Brentano (an obituary). Sketchy extensions, says a lot. The statements in this publication that Rudolf Steiner pulls “some of the scientific threads that need to be drawn from the philosophy of anthroposophy, the psychology and physiology.” The significant finding of tripartism of the human organism finds its first representation here.

Another version of this volume is, The Case For Anthroposophy. It contains English translations of eight of the eleven essays appearing in the German original. The three sections in the German original which do not appear in the English translation are: Max Dessoir on Anthroposophy, Franz Brentano (a memorial address), and The Separation of the Psychological from the Non-Psychological in Franz Brentano.

The Contents of this book are:

  1. Where Natural Science and Spiritual Science Meet
  2. Max Dessoir on Anthroposophy
  3. Franz Brentano, in Memoriam
  4. Sketches of Some of the Ramifications of the Content of This Book
    1. The Philosophical Validation of Anthroposophy
    2. The Appearance of Limits to Knowledge
    3. The Abstractness of Our Concepts
    4. An Important Characteristic of Spiritual Perception
    5. The Real Basis of an Intentional Relation
    6. The Physical and Spiritual Dependencies of Man's Being
    7. Brentano's Separation of the Soul Element from What Is External to the Soul
    8. An Objection Often Raised Against Anthroposophy
    9. Closing Remarks

Known Publications:

  • Von Seelenrätseln. Anthropologie und Anthroposophie, Max Dessoir über Anthroposophie, Franz Brentano (Ein Nachruf). Skizzenhafte Erweiterungen,
  • German language editions: 1917, 1921, 1960, 1976, 1983 ISBN 3-7274-0210-5,
  • The Riddles of the Soul, Mercury Press, Spring Valley, N. Y., 1996, 161 pp., containing all parts listed above translated from the fifth German edition of 1983 by William Lindemann, and also containing an Introduction, a Preface, and an Appendix on Dessoir.
  • The Case for Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1970, 91 pp. plus index, translated from the German by Owen Barfield

GA 21 / Bn 21 / CW 21 ... Selections ...


Anthroposophie und Anthropologie

Book Cover Image Mit den Ausführungen dieser Schrift zieht Rudolf Steiner «einige der wissenschaftlichen Fäden, die von der Anthroposophie zur Philosophie, zur Psychologie und zur Physiologie gezogen werden müssen». Die bedeutsame Erkenntnis der Dreigliedrigkeit des menschlichen Organismus findet hier erstmals eine Darstellung.


The Case for Anthroposophy (RSP 1970)

Book Cover Image This version of Von Seelenrätseln, an abbreviated version, three of the topics are left out and the title was changed to, The Case for Anthroposophy. It was published in 1970 by the Rudolf Steiner Press in London, England, and translated by Owen Barfield.

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