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Biography [Igor Sturmheit]
Biography (2012)
Igor Sturmheit

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The Biographies Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive helps the reader find out about Dr. Steiner. Instead of scanning our on-line holdings, we have done it for you, and present you with the results. The Table below lists different categories of biographical sources, the book title, the author of the bio, and the year written.

Selected Steiner Bio Info ...

  Category/Source of Bio Info  Author    Year   
About the Author
. Christianity As Mystical Fact 1961
. Cosmic Memory 1959
. Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age  Paul Michael Allen 1960
Back Cover Sheets
. Cosmic Memory 1981
. The Cycle of the Year as Breathing-Process of the Earth 1923
. Inner Impulses of Evolution 1984
. Knowledge of the Higher Worlds 1947
. Origins of Natural Science 1985
. An Outline of Occult Science 1972
. The Anthroposophical Movement 1993
Biographical Sketches
. Christianity As Mystical Fact  Rev. Alfred Heidenreich 1961
Miscellaneous Bios
. The Philosophy of Freedom  Michael Wilson 1964
. Rudolf Steiner (from: The Philosophy of Freedom)  Michael Wilson 1964
. A Short Biography of Rudolf Steiner Unknown
. Introduction from Riddles of Philosophy  Fritz Koelln 1973
. A Chronological Biography of Rudolf Steiner  V.W. Setzer 1995
. Chronology of Rudolf Steiner's Life 1993
Rudolf Steiner
. In Memory of Rudolf Steiner  Marie Steiner 1932
. The Personality of Rudolf Steiner and His Development  Edouard Schur√© 1910
. Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction of His Life and Thought  Olin D. Wannamaker 1928
. The Story of My Life  Rudolf Steiner 1925

Total On-site Bios: 24


Image 9780893452278.jpgMarkerCosmic MemoryMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880100953.jpgMarkerChristianity in Human EvolutionMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880104555.jpgMarkerThe Renewal of EducationMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9781855843967.jpgMarkerThe World of the Senses and the World of the SpiritMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880104883.jpgMarkerAccording to LukeMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9781855840980.jpgMarkerHarmony of the Creative WordMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
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