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Basics Arenson 1-50 Icon

Adolph Arenson's List of 50
Rudolf Steiner Lecture Cycles

In 1930 Adolph Arenson published his monumental three-volume concordance titled Ein Führer Durch die Vortragszyklen Rudolf Steiners (1–50) — “A Guide to the Lecture Cycles of Rudolf Steiner (1–50)” (Berlin, Selbstverlag, Not Translated). Works presented here are those lecture cycles in the Arenson 1–50 which have been translated into English, together with indication of place and date of delivery. In addition, where the lectures comprising a particular cycle appear in the chronological listing, the cycle number is shown.
You can change the sort order of the table listing below by clicking on a highlighted column heading (asterisk denotes sorted column). Other works by Arenson are:

Basics Documents ...

No.  Title of Document  Type  GA  * Place  Year   Lang  Nbr  Abs   
1.  Anthroposophical Life Gifts||None|7|2010-11-30|1918|181b|L|Anthroposophical Life|United_Kingdom||||||||anthrolifegifts_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
2.  The Apocalypse of St. John||99317-99722|13|2008-09-30|1904|104|L|A|United_States||||||||apocalypsejohn_cov|Nuremberg|       [*] *New*
3.  Aspects of Human Evolution||9940-10694|8|2009-09-30|1917|176|L|Aspects Human|United_States||||||||aspectsevolution_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
4.  At the Gates of Theosophy||10695-11228|14|2008-06-15|1906|95|L|A|United_Kingdom||||||||gatesspirscience_cov|Stuttgart|       [*] *New*
5.  Background to the Gospel of Mark||11951-12498|10|2008-02-15|1910|124|L|B|United_Kingdom||||||||excursusmark_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
6.  Between Death and Rebirth||None|10|2005-02-15|1912|141|L|B|United_Kingdom||||||||lifedeathrebirth_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
7.  The Bhagavad Gita and the Epistles of St. Paul||None|5|2001-01-09|1913|142|L|B|United_States||||||||bhagpaul_cov|Cologne|       [*] *New*
8.  Building Stones for an Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha||13031-13619|10|2008-09-10|1917|175|L|B|United_Kingdom||||||||buildingstones_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
9.  The Christ Impulse and the Development of the Ego-Consciousness||None|7|2002-07-04|1909|116|L|C|United_States||||||||christimpul_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
10.  Christ and the Human Soul||14472-15027|4|2006-03-31|1914|155|L|C|United_States||||||||christhumansoul_cov|Norrkopping|       [*] *New*
11.  Christ and the Spiritual World: The Search for the Holy Grail||15028-15712|6|2005-02-28|1913|149|L|C|United_Kingdom||||||||christspiritworld_cov|Leipzig|       [*] *New*
12.  Cosmic and Human Metamorphoses||None|7|2001-01-10|1917|175|L|C|United_States||||||||cosmichumanmeta_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
13.  Destinies of Individuals & Nations||24208-25044|14|2011-11-30|1914|157|L|Destinies Individuals Nations|United_Kingdom||||||||destiniesnations_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
14.  Earthly Death and Cosmic Life||25830-26118|7|2008-08-10|1918|181|L|Earthly Death|United_Kingdom||||||||earthlydeathcosmiclife1_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
15.  Earthly and Cosmic Man||27133-27433|9|2000-01-07|1911|133|L|E|United_States||||||||earthcosman_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
16.  The East in the Light of the West||110038-110623|9|2005-03-30|1909|113|L|E|United_Kingdom||||||||eastinlightwest_cov|Munich|       [*] *New*
17.  The Effect of Occult Development Upon the Self and the Sheaths of Man||111338-111939|10|2012-08-31|1913|145|L|Effect Occult Development|United_Kingdom||||||||occultdevelop_cov|The Hague|       [*] *New*
18.  Egyptian Myths and Mysteries||30511-31180|12|2000-11-20|1908|106|L|E|United_States||||||||egyptianmyth_cov|Leipzig|       [*] *New*
19.  The Fifth Gospel (possibly)||34727-35342|18|2012-07-15|1913|148|L|Fifth Gospel +Overview|United_Kingdom||||||||fifthgospel1950_cov|Christiania|       [*] *New*
20.  The Forming of Destiny and Life after Death||114316-114473|6|2004-01-19|1915|157a|L|F|United_States||||||||formdestiny_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
21.  From Jesus to Christ||39166-40018|10|2007-01-15|1911|131|L|F|United_States||||||||fromjesus2christ1973h_cov|Carlsruhe|       [*] *New*
22.  Genesis (Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation)||42396-42948|11|2008-05-15|1922|122|L|G|United_Kingdom||||||||nocover_cov|Munich|       [*] *New*
23.  The Gospel of St. John — in Relation to the Other Gospels||116435-116877|14|2002-09-10|1908|112|L|G|United_States||||||||nocover_cov|Cassel|       [*] *New*
24.  The Gospel of St. John||115863-116434|12|2009-01-31|1908|103|L|G|United_States||||||||gospelofstjohn_cov|Hamburg|       [*] *New*
25.  The Gospel of St. Luke||116877-117447|10|2008-02-29|1909|114|L|G|United_Kingdom||||||||gospelluke2_cov|Basel|       [*] *New*
26.  The Gospel of St. Mark||117448-117880|10|2009-02-28|1912|139|L|G|United_Kingdom||||||||gospelofstmark_cov|Basel|       [*] *New*
27.  The Gospel of St. Matthew||117881-118411|12|2009-01-10|1910|123|L|G|United_Kingdom||||||||gospelofmatthew_cov|Berne|       [*] *New*
28.  Human and Cosmic Thought||44993-45611|4|2004-06-12|1914|151|L|H|United_States||||||||humancosmicthought_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
29.  Initiation, Eternity and the Passing Moment||46547-47013|7|2002-07-06|1912|138|L|I|United_States||||||||initpassmom_cov|Munich|       [*] *New*
30.  The Inner Nature of Man and Life Between Death and Rebirth||None|6|2005-12-31|1914|153|L|I|United_Kingdom||||||||innernatureman1928_cov|Vienna|       [*] *New*
31.  Inner Realities of Evolution||None|5|2009-01-31|1911|132|L|I|United_Kingdom||||||||innerrealities_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
32.  The Karma of Materialism||48546-48973|8|2013-06-15|1917|176|L|Karma Materialism|United_States||||||||karmamaterialism_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
33.  Man in the Light of Occultism, Theosophy and Philosophy||62669-63072|10|2000-01-17|1912|137|L|M|United_States||||||||manoccult_cov|Christiania|       [*] *New*
34.  Manifestations of Karma||64340-64866|11|2000-10-11|1910|120|L|M|United_States||||||||manfestkarma_cov|Hamburg|       [*] *New*
35.  The Mission of Folk-Souls||None|11|2005-09-30|1910|121|L|M|United_Kingdom||||||||missionfolks1929_cov|Christiania|       [*] *New*
36.  The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity||126356-126709|4|2002-07-05|1913|144|L|M|United_States||||||||mysteast_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
37.  Necessity & Freedom in Human History||68492-68916|5|2013-01-15|1916|166|L|Necessity Freedom|United_States||||||||necessityfreedom_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
38.  Occult History||70977-71592|6|2007-07-15|1910|126|L|O|United_Kingdom||||||||occulthistory_cov|Stuttgart|       [*] *New*
39.  The Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita||129457-129892|9|2006-06-30|1913|146|L|O|United_States||||||||occultsignifbhaggita_cov|Helsingfors|       [*] *New*
40.  Rosicrucian Esotericism||88684-89263|10|2007-10-31|1909|109|L|R|United_States||||||||rosicesoteric_cov|Budapest|       [*] *New*
41.  Secrets of the Threshold||90822-91497|8|2006-03-05|1913|147|L|S|United_States||||||||secretsthresh1987_cov|Munich|       [*] *New*
42.  A Sound Outlook for Today ...||None|7|2010-03-31|1918|181c|L|Sound Outlook|United_States||||||||soundoutlook_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
43.  The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature||94895-95890|10|2000-12-16|1912|136|L|S|United_States||||||||spirbeings_cov|Helsingfors|       [*] *New*
44.  The Spiritual Hierarchies||138503-139002|10|2005-08-16|1909|110|L|S|United_Kingdom||||||||spiritualhierarchies_cov|Dusseldorf|       [*] *New*
45.  Theosophy of the Rosicrucian||146432-146983|14|2002-07-04|1907|99|L|T|United_States||||||||theosrosic_cov|Munich|       [*] *New*
46.  Things in Present & Past ...||None|12|2008-12-31|1916|167|L|Things Present|United_States||||||||thingspastpresent_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
47.  Toward Imagination (Cosmic Being & Egohood)||147803-148583|7|2015-09-30|1916|169|L|C|||||||||towardimag_cov|Berlin|       [*] *New*
48.  Universe, Earth and Man||151780-152565|11|2002-07-11|1908|105|L|U|United_States||||||||uniearman_cov|Stuttgart|       [*] *New*
49.  Wonders of the World, Ordeals of the Soul, Revelations of the Spirit||153370-153923|10|2008-07-20|1911|129|L|W|United_States||||||||wondersworld_cov|Munich|       [*] *New*
50.  The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit||143869-144391|6|2004-06-26|1911|134|L|W|United_States||||||||worldsensespirit_cov|Hanover|       [*] *New*

Total On-site Documents: 0

And here is a bonus 2 lecture cycles:
 No.  Title of Document  Type  GA  Place  Year   Lang  Nbr  Abs   
The Being of Man and His Future Evolution Series 107  Dornach       1908 [United Kingdom Flag]  9 [*]
A/OP  An Occult Physiology Series 128  Prague 1911 [United Kingdom Flag]  8 [*]



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