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A Gift for the Holidays:

The New Akashic Records: Knowing, Healing & Spiritual Practice
by Cheryl M. Trine

  The New Akashic Records: Knowing, Healing & Spiritual Practice.
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The New Akashic Records is not self-help or religious faith, instead it is a newly interpreted, ancient spiritual practice. For the first time in print, discover how the Akashic Records work within universal energy through the concept of Spiritual Energy Dynamics. Leading you on a journey across the energetic bridge that is the Akashic Records, you learn how you can connect your soul's journey with your physical journey here on Earth. The New Akashic Records truly breaks new ground. This book presents an in-depth, yet easily understood history of the Akashic Records and uncovers the ancient connection to divine memory, judgment and destiny as the Book of Life. It reaches into Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tibetan Bön to understand the Akasha, empowering a new understanding of Your Library and Your Book. Sharing new insights into knowing, healing, and spiritual practice, The New Akashic Records provides a lifetime of learning for the serious spiritual seeker. The Akashic Records provide safe space to move beyond pat answers, worries and fears. The Akashic Records are not about being right, instead they are about you and your journey. Helping you to find your way, your truth, your highest expression of the best that you are today and will become tomorrow. Is now the time to understand your soul's journey? What path do you choose? What is your truth today?

New, on the Internet:

Critical Edition of Rudolf Steiner's Works

  Rudolf Steiner On-line Archiv.

Although highly desirable, a Critical Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works is not yet available on the market. The RUDOLF STEINER ONLINE ARCHIV decided, therefore, to undertake the development of a Critical Edition of the Standard Works of Anthroposophy. These volumes are intended to make possible a comparison of the various textual versions that were published during Steiner's lifetime and to observe the genesis of these critical texts.

We hope that this edition will be a valuable contribution to a better understanding of anthroposophy and to the ongoing debate over coherence and continuity in Steiner's thought.

As a first installment of the series, the following volumes are now available (in the original German only):

More volumes are in preparation.

Provo, 5. August 2010

Updated Material, on the Internet:

Critical Edition of Rudolf Steiner's Works

  Rudolf Steiner On-line Archiv.

Until recently, a Critical Edition of the works of Rudolf Steiner was not available. This changed when, in 2011, the German publisher frommann-holzboog and Christian Clement began to undertake the development of such an edition. It documents the various textual versions of each book that was published during Steiner's lifetime and thus allows the reader to carefully study the genesis and development of these important texts.

By now (2020), the first section of the edition (8 volumes, writings 1884-1910) has almost been completed. Additional 8 volumes with the writings of 1911-1925 will follow. The edition is scheduled to be completed by 2025. Publisher and editor are hoping that this new edition will be a valuable contribution to a better understanding of anthroposophy and inspire a long overdue discourse on Steiner in the academic world.

All texts, reviews, and other information concerning the edition are available on the editions website:

In 2020, the editor of the Critical Edition has also launched the first peer reviewed academic journal for research on Steiner and anthroposophy:

More volumes are in preparation.

5. August 2020

A New Book:

The BIG Picture
Insights from the Spiritual World
by Garry Gilfoy

  Cover: The BIG Picture.
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Built around the extraordinary stories of seven people who have been unwitting visitors to the spiritual world, “The BIG Picture — Insights from the Spiritual World” examines the themes of reincarnation, the relationship between karma and destiny, the divide between religion and spirituality, humanity's task in creation, and the emergence of a new Western spirituality to lead us into the next stage of the evolution of consciousness.

In The BIG Picture, author Garry Gilfoy discloses his own spiritual experiences and also tells the stories of others: such as Joy, who was sent back from the realm of spirit without her husband after a horrific crash; Trish, who ‘died’ numerous times before learning to visit her cosmic classroom at will; Helen, who relived a holocaust nightmare before her eyes opened onto ancient Egypt; and Keely, who was miraculously saved by a familiar figure, the Watcher.

  Hellas, by Willem Frederik Veltman
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AWSNA Publications
has just published a remarkable new book about ancient Greek civilization by
Willem Frederik Veltman

The title is "Hellas" and the author is Willem Frederik Veltman, who taught for many years at the Waldorf School in The Hague, Netherlands. It has been translated by Phillip Mees. The author offers us a review of all the principal aspects of ancient Greek culture. He describes the fundamental aspect of that culture of balance: balance between heaven and earth, between the divine and the human, balance in society where everything needs to have its proper place resulting in righteousness, and the role of virtue as the state of balance between two extremes.

He sketches the evolution of the world of the gods with its three generations, the attitude of the Greek toward these gods, and the way spiritual beings worked through human beings to found this civilization. A long chapter is devoted to the Greek arts of architecture, sculpture and painting.

  The Author: Willem Frederik Veltman
Willem Frederik Veltman

He then takes the reader by the hand as he travels through the country visiting the principal cities where in each place he describes the history and myths that are living there: Athens with Cecrops and Theseus, Thebes with Cadmus, Mycenae with Agamemnon and the Trojan War, Thessaly with Jason, Macedonia with Alexander, and many more. And on the way he uses the revelations of spiritual science to indicate the significance of all these stories and events as indicators of the evolution of consciousness and the critical role this civilization has played in Europe. One chapter is devoted to a most readable description of the development of Greek philosophy. We heartily recommend this book to Waldorf teachers preparing for the Greek bloc, but also to anyone interested in the culture that laid the foundation for all of Western culture. The language is modern and easy to read and the book is richly illustrated with excellent pictures. It is now available at

A Gift for the Holidays:

The Green Devotional: Active Prayers for a Healthy Planet
by Karen Speerstra

  The Green Devotional: Active Prayers for a Healthy Planet.
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Our planet, our home, is in crisis plain and simple and this collection of quotes, poems, essays, and prayers will inspire all to actively reverse the man-made cause of global warming, stem the tide of environmental destruction, and to reconnect to the good earth. Short essays of topical interest introduce each of the eight sections of this book, and the 250 voices inside, most of them contemporary, began to harmonize together as they seem to call out for their own canonical structure — one bounded by the ancient elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. This collection of voices is like a “green book of devotional hours,” reminiscent of the Books of Hours medieval people used to hold in their palms. It was called “a cathedral in your hands.” And like that medieval book, The Green Devotional reminds us that we are connected to something broader and wiser than ourselves. Included are selections from such people as Rachel Carson, Cornel West, Bill McKibben, Alice Walker, Sue Monk Kidd, Dean Koontz, Barbara Kingsolver, Daniel Pinchbeck, Arundhati Roy and many others. The Green Devotional ends with a section of “Closing Prayers” that prepare us no just to go to sleep but to rest up for another day of passionate action. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

Woman Wisdom Writing:

  Sophia - The Feminine Face of God
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Sophia — The Feminine Face of God
by Karen Speerstra

In her new book, Sophia — The Feminine Face of God: Nine Heart Paths to Healing and Abundance, author Karen Speerstra guides readers to find the Eternal Essential Feminine within themselves and others.

After centuries of hiding, the Divine Feminine (a.k.a. Great Mother, Holy Spirit, Sophia) is showing herself again. She's aware of what we've been doing to our planet and to ourselves and offers her age-old but ever-new wisdom for spiritual growth and healing. Within the context of spiritual memoir-essays, Sophia — The Feminine Face of God brings together the many faces of Sophia — historical, folklored, fairytaled — as well as stories of her mystical presence throughout different times and cultures. Click on the book-cover image at left to order your copy.

A Gift for the Holidays:

I Connecting - The Soul's Quest
by Kristina Kaine

  I Connecting - The Soul's Quest.
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Kristina Kaine invites the reader into the riches of becoming a participant-observer in the life of soul and spirit. Her book goes beyond describing “the way it is” and encourages the reader to discover how the gaps in meaning that we all experience are caused by a lack of contact with the inner life. Nevertheless, this is not a book of meditative practices that one does in the confines of one's room, only to find that such practices don't seem to measure up to the requirements of real life. Rather, her book helps us sense the inner qualitative nature of subjective experiences at the center of our busy and practical lives — though they frequently go unnoticed.

By gaining an abiding interest in the rich texture of inner life, one begins to notice that something — some presence like wisdom — illuminates that inner life, individualizing it so that one feels personally, though not egoistically, connected with the inner mysteries. This more permanent core of our being gives us our sense of destiny and purpose in life, directing us toward a more meaningful future.

An Interesting Anthroposphical Perspective:


by Kwan-Yuk Claire Sit

  Lao Tzu and Anthroposophy
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According to tradition, Lao Tzu wrote the eighty-one short chapters of his Tao Te Ching around the sixth to fourth centuries B.C.E. It became the foundational philosophical work of Taoism, significantly inspired early masters of Zen Buddhism, and, for more than a century, has been widely embraced in the West as an astounding work of universal truths. Through deceptively simple imagery, Lao Tzu gave us a guide to life, both spiritual and physical, that is no less valid today than when it was written more than 2,500 years ago.

Claire Sit brings us her translation of the Tao Te Ching and, through her deep study and understanding of that text, examines each chapter and, ultimately, places it in the light of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. In the process, she shows how, although the path of Tao and that of Anthroposophy appear quite different, they complement each other and share many qualities and, in many ways, illumine the hidden truths each has to offer. As in Anthroposophy, on the path of Tao one looks within to know the world and into the world to know one's self.

Included is “The Great One Excretes Water,” a recently discovered text by Lao Tzu that further illumines his profound philosophy of Tao.

Kwan-Yuk Clair Sit  

KWAN-YUK CLAIRE SIT grew up in Hong Kong and moved to the U.S. to attend graduate school. She holds a Ph.D. in pure mathematics from the City University of New York and is Professor Emerita at La Guardia Community College. She is deeply interested in Eastern philosophy and Anthroposophy, and her hobbies include knitting, Chinese calligraphy, and Tang and Sung poems.

Enlightened View of a Staple of Christianity:

An Eastern Perspective

by Kwan-Yuk C. Sit

  The Lord's Prayer - An Eastern Perspective
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“This book opens the door to Eastern religious and cultural practices in an attempt to shed light on the teachings implicit in The Lord's Prayer. It uses simple analogies and inspiring anecdotes to unveil seemingly subtle and obscure Eastern concepts. It paves a path for Self-realization along the trail of The Lord's Prayer, merging the precious teachings of Eastern and Western masters from the Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, and others. It is written for people who seek inspiration to enrich their lives, who desire greater mastery of Eastern philosophy, and who value information on practical spirituality.” (from the preface)

“Our Father, our Mother, and our Great Tao, You are pure Consciousness in a state of infinite compassion and eternal bliss. As Above So Below, we can also attain such a state. We only have to seek the ‘I Am’ within and bring out our highest ideals. All our activities are subject to the ‘More Use Easier Use’ principle. We know that ‘practice makes perfect,’ but we need to be careful so as not to be entrapped by our undesirable habits.” (from chapter 9)

Kwan-Yuk Clair Sit  

KWAN-YUK CLAIRE SIT grew up in Hong Kong and moved to the U.S. to attend graduate school. She holds a Ph.D. in pure mathematics from the City University of New York and is Professor Emerita at La Guardia Community College. She is deeply interested in Eastern philosophy and Anthroposophy, and her hobbies include knitting, Chinese calligraphy, and Tang and Sung poems.

An Interesting Book and a Fine Gift:

The Fleeing Youth: The Cosmic Principle of Christ
by Richard Distasi

  The Fleeing Youth: The Cosmic Principle of Christ
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It is commonly accepted that the mission of Christ was an act that was independent of any corresponding and requisite deed on the part of humanity. Though, in part, this is true, this book asserts that the future spiritual evolution of humanity was dependent on human comprehension and understanding of the Event of Golgotha. Comprehension and understanding are defined in this work as one's capacity to spiritually follow Christ through His entire Passion, Death and Resurrection. The Apostles were chosen for this very task, but eventually failed at the critical hour.

Working from this perspective, the fundamental questions presented in this work are: Did the raising of Lazarus salvage the Event of Golgotha. Was the mission of Christ in jeopardy of failing due to the incomprehension of the Apostles. Was this incomprehension of the mission and nature of the Christ Being by the Apostles a significant component to the agony that Christ experienced in the garden of Gethsemane.

Other points of study in this work are: What was the true nature of the Fleeing Youth. Why was the Resurrection the beginning of a new genesis for our cosmos. What were the aspects involved in the Christ Being evolving from a hierarchical Being to a Logos Being. Did the voice of Mary fashion the body of Jesus of Nazareth prior to his birth. How did the years 1933–1945 recapitulate the arrest of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane thereby inaugurating the beginning of the Second Coming of Christ.

Rudolf Steiner Audio

Sound Graph

Visit this site where you can find most written works by Steiner and many of his lecture series' available as free, MP3 audio book downloads. Selections are recorded and read by Dale Brunsvold.


A New Introduction:

A Guide to the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner
by E. Weisshaar

  A Guide to the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner
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Fresh, from 1928! Here is a very interesting introduction to the teachings of Rudolf Steiner ... for you, or as a recommendation to someone as yet not familiar with Dr. Steiner. From the Preface, written by the author, E. Weisshaar:

“IN the year 1920 I was asked to introduce the teaching of Rudolf Steiner to a group of people. The following introduction is the result. It aims at being a reference to the work of Rudolf Steiner. It is worked out chiefly from the books ‘Theosophy,’ ‘Outline of Occult Science,’ and ‘The Spiritual Guidance of Man and Mankind,’ and from notes of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner within the Anthroposophical Movement, which at Christmas, 1923, he allowed to be published in their character as manuscript. Now having been asked by English friends to allow them to translate it, I decided to hand it over to them for printing.”

  The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art
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Dr. Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon
is now offering online classes, lectures, and a NEW book
The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art

For the first time, the author of The New Experience of the Supersensible is offering his readers an opportunity to study his major works and the new results of his spiritual investigations with him in four online classes. He presents first hand, detailed empirical spiritual investigation of the meeting with the active and creative being of the Christ in the etheric world. His unique research focuses on the esoteric aspects of the past, present, and future of the greatest spiritual Event of our times.

Dr. Ben-Aharon is also holding lectures in 2012 in the U.S., Europe, and Scandinavia about the Christ Event in the 21st Century. His
  The Author: Dr. Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon
Dr. Ben-Aharon
research has uncovered a renewed impulse in the etheric world that is giving humanity another chance to use the new creative possibilities of our time for the good.

The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art, his groundbreaking new book, is now available at

Now I See ...
Book Reviews from Anthroposophists

Now I See ... Book Reviews from Anthroposophists
Click to visit site
Now I See ... is a brand new bLog presented and sponsored by the Rudolf Steiner Archive. It is an opportunity for Anthroposophists to present reviews of non-anthroposophical books in such categories as non-fiction, scholastic or academic, history, science, biography, autobiography, and the paranormal. The books are not necessarily current or recently published, and most should raise the disturbing question as to why Rudolf Steiner's name — or Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science — is not included in the index and in the contents, and when the absence of these resources or answers is felt to be something of an acute or tragic loss, or at the very least as a serious omission. Another kind of book appropriate for review will be of interest to Anthroposophists due to its timely and relevant subject (such as Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a WWII Fighter Pilot, by Bruce and Andrea Leininger, about their son, James Leininger).

James Stewart
James Stewart
  Martha Keltz
Martha Keltz
The reviews are not critical, and are written with a thoughtful, deeply questioning and sympathetic point of view. The bLogmasters at this new site are James Stewart and Martha Keltz ... please come over and look around, the reviews are really very good! And please let us know what you think. Feel free to add your own comments to the postings, or send us a note. We are eager to please the bLog-sphere, and are excited to receive your feedback. Here is the link:

A New Book Review at the Now I See ... bLog:

  Rising Fire: Volcanoes and Our Inner Lives
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Rising Fire: Volcanoes and Our Inner Lives
By John Calderazzo.

(Book Reviews by Anthroposophists)

A teacher of creative writing at Colorado State University, John Calderazzo completed an extracurricular project of writing a children's book about volcanoes that raised questions for him “that deserved a deeper, more complicated consideration appropriate for adults.” He also received a CSU teaching award as the school year was winding down and, an experienced traveler, he decided to visit Sicily's Mount Etna, that was still erupting (he does not give the year, but this must have been 1993). Rising Fire is primarily an account of his travels to some of the world's most notorious volcano sites: Mount Etna, Vesuvius, Stromboli, Kilauea, Parícutin, Soufriere Hills (Montserrat), Mount Pelée (Martinique), and Mount Rainier. Mixed in with the largely vernacular travel accounts (“By Monday, I'd had it with conspiracy theories and was badly in the mood for some Scientific Smarts ...”) is an abundance of both entertaining and very serious subjects, including ...

... Read More ...

  The Learn-Work-Share Youth Conference, July 4-12 2012
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The Learn-Work-Share
Youth Conference
July 4th–21st 2012

A new Youth Initiative for 16–30 year olds runs from July 4th–21st 2012. Participants will be introduced to anthroposophical medical, nursing, therapeutic, and biodynamic principles while building a community of anthroposophically oriented youth, have an opportunity for hands on work experience in an anthroposophical setting, and teach 10–14 year old girls about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, movement, and gardening. The youth program is free and is now accepting participant applications on the Youth Conference Page until the end of February. Eligible medical students may use this program as a rotation.

  • Learn about basic anthroposophy, anthroposophic medicine, nursing care, therapies, nutrition, lifestyle, biodynamic agriculture and community building.
  • Work at an anthroposophic health retreat, putting what we learned into practice, according to your interests and abilities.
  • Share healthy nutrition and lifestyle approaches with pre-teen girls as an investment for the future.

For further information, or to sign up for this free program, please use this url:

Image 9781855840607.jpgMarkerAngelsMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880100755.jpgMarkerSocial Understanding Through Spiritual Scientific Kno...Marker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9781936849178.jpgMarkerOn the Play of the ChildMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780854401987.jpgMarkerThe Roots of EducationMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880104012.jpgMarkerAnthroposophy (a Fragment)Marker
by Rudolf Steiner
Image 9780880106047.jpgMarkerThe Bhagavad Gita and the WestMarker
by Rudolf Steiner
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