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Calendar of the Soul,

The Year Participated,
The Meditative Year,
Anthroposophical Soul Calendar,
Twelve Moods,
Truth-wrought Words,
Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender.

Rudolf Steiner
(Written 1925; Bn 40 / GA 40)

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As a supplement to the weekly rhythm of the home and business agenda, which is filled with appointments and rushing us through the day, the Anthroposophic Soul Calendar offers for each week of the year, a judgment which can shortly come to pass. Open spaces, there are many, even if sometimes life stresses us.

The weekly verses are numbered, 1 through 52. Saying one beginning at Easter, and the next verse the following week, continuing to the last one, number 52, which approaches the next Easter. Each verses content explains how the relationship of Man and Nature changes the nature of the soul through the seasons in which not only transforms nature, but also humans.

Also available as an APP in the iTunes store! This volume is also known as, The Meditative Year, and The Year Participated.

Although Rudolf Steiner wrote many essays, few have been translated into English. Many are dated and seem not to receive top priority from translators. For this particular GA/Bn, of the 9 total entries, 6 of the entries listed in the contents remain untranslated!

Known Publications:

  • Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender, Planetentanz, German language editions: 1961, 1969, 1975, 1978, 1981 ISBN 3-7274-5230-7,
  • Calendar of the Soul, Anthroposophic Press, Spring Valley, New York, 1982, translated by Ruth and Hans Pusch ISBN 0-88010-009-5,
  • The Year Participated, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, , 198_, translated by Owen Barfield ISBN 0-85440-800-2,
  • Calendar of the Soul, Anthroposophic Press, Spring Valley, New York, 1988, translated by Ruth Pusch ISBN 0-88010-263-2,
  • Calendar of the Soul, Hawthorne Press, Spring Valley, New York, 199_, translated by Liselotte Mann and William Mann ISBN 1-86989-025-6,

Bn 40 / GA 40 ... Selections ...


Calendar of the Soul

Book Cover Image Translated by Ruth and Hans Pusch, This translation is the fruit of many years' work by the Pusch's on Steiner's fifty-two meditative verses for following the course of the year. 62pp, Anthroposophic Press.


Twelve Moods

Book Cover Image This volume contains an introduction by Ruth Pusch, a talk given by Rudolf Steiner before the Eurythmy presentation of the “Twelve Moods”, and twelve verses by Rudolf Steiner entitled “Twelve Moods”. In addition, there are two other poems by Rudolf Steiner: “The Song of Initiation, A Satire” and “Planet Dance”. This translation is by Alice Wulsin, Gerald Karnow, and Ruth Pusch.


Truth-Wrought Words

Book Cover Image Verses from Wahrspruchworte, with the original German on facing pages, verses for children, verses for the dead, two renderings of the Foundation Stone Mantra, verse passages from the Mystery Dramas, a translation of the Dream Song of Olaf Asteson, and a section concerning Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

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