Rudolf Steiner Archive 

Awakening Anthroposophy
in the World


GA # Title of Document Year
288 Architectural Forms 1916
284 Bilder Okkulter Siegel und Säulen 1907
287 The Building at Dornach (Bn/GA 287) 1914
289 The Building at Dornach (Bn/GA 289) 1920
284 On Chaos and Cosmos 1907
Das Goetheanum News Sheet No. 9 Supplement (February 1926) 1926
First Goetheanum (38K) 0
First Goetheanum Floor Plan (17K) 0
Goetheanum in Color (37K) 0
Second Goetheanum (51K) 0
Second Goetheanum Floor Plan (22K) 0
The Goetheanum 1922
35 Mission of Spiritual Science and of Its Building at Dornach, Switzerland 1916
The New Impulse in Art 1922
101 Occult Signs and Symbols (The Seven Seals) 1907
284 Special Building for Anthroposophy at Stuttgart From an Occult Point of View 1907
286 And The Temple Becomes Man 1911
286 Ways to a New Style in Architecture 1914

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