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Started in 1980, this is our 42nd year!
We have had an on-line presence, distributing Steiner's words, since 1984!!

With readers in virtually every country, the Rudolf Steiner Archive is truly a world-wide presence for the Anthroposophical Movement. Whether you're a seasoned follower of Rudolf Steiner or here for the first time, this site will challenge your thinking and allow you to experience the world from different points of view.

Start with Theosophy and Knowledge of Higher Worlds then look through the many lectures for topics that pique your interest. Lectures with a GA/Bn (volume#) 100-125 are good ones to start with. Once you get your bearings be sure to read Steiner's other seminal books: Occult Science, The Philosophy of Freedom and Christianity as a Mystical Fact.

Overall, there are 28 books, hundreds of articles and essays, and over 5,000 lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave to the world. Enjoy!

The publishing initiative of The e.Lib, Inc. has just published a new book:

  Anthroposophical Fantasies cover images
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Anthroposophical Fantasies
by Roberto Fox
as told to Frank Thomas Smith

Rudolf Steiner Publications presents a First Edition conglomeration of thirteen stories by that rogue anthroposophist, Roberto Fox! Roberto says of his work:

“Anthroposophy, also known as Spiritual Science, is not known for fantastic literature, or fiction at all. So how can stories with titles like ‘Life on Mars,’ or ‘The Girl in the Floppy Hat,’ or ‘To Hunt a Nazi’ qualify as anthroposophical. They do not ... until now. Therefore, this book is groundbreaking. You may smile at times, even laugh; other stories may cause a lump in your throat, perhaps even a tear or two. Oh, and by the way, fundamentalists are advised not to partake of this fantastical frosting on their anthroposophical cake.”

Here, then, are thirteen — ‘A Streetcar Named Karma’ and twelve others — provocative, groundbreaking fictional tales for anthroposophists, and really anyone, to enjoy. You can find this gem at in both Paperback and Kindle editions. And, you can read the Kindle edition for free if you join Kindle Unlimited image!

The Paperback edition is here: and
 the Kindle edition is here:



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Visit this site where you can find most written works by Steiner and many of his lecture series' available as free, MP3 audio book downloads. Selections are recorded and read by Dale Brunsvold.


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