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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna, Austria, June, 1922.
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The Worldview of Herman Grimm, in Relation to Spiritual Science:

In content, this translation into English of Rudolf Steiner's lecture on the art historian, author and researcher Herman Grimm, can be said to be a paean to Grimm's wholly original and unorthodox approach to art history. Herman Grimm's work differs substantially from standard, more intellectual approaches, as becomes evident from statements of Herman Grimm quoted here:

“If, by some miracle, Michelangelo were called from the dead, to live among us again, and if I were to meet him, I would humbly stand aside to let him pass: if Raphael came by, I would follow him, to see whether or not I might have the opportunity of hearing a few words from his lips. With Leonardo and Michelangelo, one can confine oneself to reporting what they once were in their day; with Raphael, one has to start from what he is for us today. Concerning the two others, a slight veil has passed over them, but not over Raphael. He belongs among those whose growth is as yet far from being at an end. We may imagine that Raphael will present ever new riddles to future generations of humanity.”

This is a lecture, given by Rudolf Steiner, entitled Die Weltanschauung eines Kulturforschers der Gegenwart, Herman Grimm, und die Geistesforschung and contained in the volume Ergebnisse der Geistesforschung (Results of Spiritual Research) GA 62. The series in which this lecture was given at the Architektenhaus in Berlin, may be said to underline its overall importance for Rudolf Steiner: Held January 16th 1913 subsequent to a lecture January 30th on Raphael. Also known as, Herman Grimm, Contemporary Culture and Spiritual Developments, and Anthroposophy.

This lecture is the fourth in a series of four lectures from GA 62, that are newly translated by Peter Stebbing. Edited by James Stewart. You can research the on-line version of this book by clicking here. Or, click on the cover image to buy this book at, to read or study at home.


With servers in virtually every country, the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib is truly a World-wide presence for the Anthroposophical Movement. Whether you're a seasoned follower of the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner or someone coming here for the first time, this site will challange your thinking and allow you to experience the world from a different point of view ... it's the same ... only different!

Start with The Basics (see the top of the left-hand menu) and then move on to other topics that may pique your interest. There are 28 books, hundreds of articles and essays, and over 6,700 lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave to the world. You'll find some good things to get going with the items below:

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Visit this site where you can find most written works by Steiner and many of his lecture series' available as free, MP3 audio book downloads. Selections are recorded and read by Dale Brunsvold.


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