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What's Coming to the Steiner Archive?


Coming Attractions...

. Documents scheduled and being proofread:

. Recent acquisitions and purchases:

. Books in French and Norwegian
As we get them, we will present some of Steiner's Books and Lectures in Danish, French, Norwegian and Hungarian. We are trying to make our offerings available in as many languages as possible. A start is at: Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment.

. Books, Lectures, and Articles we are currently working on include:
  • Old and New Methods of Initiation, 14 lectures from GA #210.
  • Art in the Light of Mystery Wisdom, lectures from GA #'s: 275, 271, 283, and 220.
  • Evolution in the Aspect of Realities, 6 lectures from GA #132.
  • The Gospel of St. John (Creative Word, GA #100. From the Volume: Human Development and Cognition of Christ)
  • Many of Steiner's books — GA#'s 1–33 — in English and the original German, filling out our Books Section.
  • Many articles and lectures from the Anthroposophical News Sheets dated from the mid to late 1920's through the 1940's.
  • Many books, articles, and essays from other authors: Descartes, Goethe, Hegel, Heindel, etc. — for the “Related Works” Section.
  • Many new individual lectures:
    • Imaginative Cognition & Inspired Cognition (23rd December, 1921)
    • The World of Dreams as a Bridge between the Physical World and the World of Moral Ideas. (22nd September, 1923)
    • Knowledge of the Spiritual Being of Man (31st October, 1922)

As always, we appreciate your comments and ideas. And if you have any material on disk, won't you consider donating it to the Archive? Many hands will make the job easier, and you will be taking part in a very worthwhile effort. Send a message to us with your suggestions.

. Science Courses
Rudolf Steiner gave three lecture-courses on Natural Science: the so-called Light, Warmth, and Astronomy courses. The first and second courses — The Light Course and The Warmth Course — are here now; the The Astronomy Course will soon follow.

. A wealth of New material
The Rudolf Steiner Archive has acquired over 350 Anthroposophical Newsletters dated in the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's. There is a lot of really good information here, and we will be including them in our offerings as soon as we get them transcribed. Some are already in the Lectures section, so go ahead and seek them out.

What's Happening Links ...

. What's New? — Newest changes. (updated Feb 26, 2016)

Links from prior years ...

. What was in 2008 (updated Jul 09, 2009)
. What was in 2007 (updated Jul 09, 2009)
. What was in 2006 (updated Feb 01, 2009)
. What was in 2005 (updated Feb 01, 2009)
. What was in 2004 (updated Feb 01, 2009)
. What was in 2003 (updated Jul 28, 2010)
. What was in 2002 (updated Jul 01, 2010)
. What was in 2001 (updated Dec 12, 2010)
. What was in 2000 (updated Apr 21, 2011)
. What was in 1999 (updated Feb 01, 2009)
. What was in 1998 and before (updated Feb 01, 2009)



Human Values in Education
by Rudolf Steiner
Karmic Relationships Vol 5
by Rudolf Steiner
Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha
by Rudolf Steiner
Towards Social Renewal
by Rudolf Steiner
From Beetroot to Buddhism
by Rudolf Steiner
Six Steps in Self-development
by Rudolf Steiner
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