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What's Old, from 2006, at the Steiner Archive


There are a lot of changes going on around the Steiner Archive: new formats, new links, additional features. Sometimes it's hard to find out just what is going on! Well, here is what you've been looking for — a list of the changes, additions, and coming attractions that occured at the Archive in 2006.

Some 2006 Changes...

. Side by Side Compare ... program has been added. (as of 12/19/2006):
Our new, Side by Side Compare program will allow serious Steiner students — really, anyone! — to examine 2 documents side by side in the same browser window! Whether it is the same chapter from 2 different translations of a book, or one translation and the original German text. To access this feature, go to the Books Section where you'll find a new column added to the selection area: Cmp, which stands for Compare. If an entry has a “Yes” in that column, clicking the Yes will take you to the Compare feature for that volume. The example above is for The Philosophy of Freedom.
. On This Day ... feature has been added. (as of 12/11/2006):
Have you ever wondered what lectures Rudolf Steiner gave on a particular day? Just what was going on 80 or more years ago? The main page of the site has had a small box on it that gave this information, but only for the current day. Well, now you can enter your own date — using a handy date selector — and the results will be displayed!
. Getting started with Rudolf Steiner — The Basics — has been added. (as of 03/20/2006):
With all of this material staring you in the face, the question arises, “Just where do I start? ... How do I begin to make sense of all this information?” We are now providing links and short descriptive texts for a starting point for the works of Rudolf Steiner. Beginning with the Five Basic Books, readers who are new to this material will have access to those ideas Dr. Steiner thought to be at the foundation of all his later, more advanced anthroposophical writings and lecture courses. This is where to start.
. Links to purchase books are now on the site! (as of 01/28/2006):
If you have ever wondered where you could purchase some of the books we have here at the Archive, now there are links to and/or the various Anthroposophical publishers on selected pages. Not just anywhere, but right on the text page of the book, or lecture series. It will appear just below the image of the cover. By using these links to buy your books, you will be helping us out monitarily, as part of the price you pay for the book will come back to the Archive as a commision from, or the publisher. As we find more book links, we will make the links available. Please make use of this feature.

What's Happening Links ...

. What's New? — Newest changes. (updated Feb 11, 2017)

. What's Coming? — Coming attractions. (updated Oct 07, 2016)

Links from prior years ...

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by Rudolf Steiner
Karmic Relationships
by Rudolf Steiner
by Rudolf Steiner
Demon Slayer
by Samuel Mills
Awakening to Community
by Rudolf Steiner
The Fifth Gospel
by Rudolf Steiner
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