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 Document removed in response to publisher's demand 

The requested page has been removed from our site due to a demand of the Rudolf Steiner Press. In spite of the fact the Rudolf Steiner Archive and the Rudolf Steiner Press are within the terms of a mutual agreement, and the document is available on the Internet in other places — with their approval! In fact, there were two mutual agreements in effect!

No credible explanation has been given as to why this demand was made. After extensive discussions moving toward formalizing our verbal agreements, and after considerable effort was put into developing a program to protect these materials from printing or copying per publisher's request, out of the blue the demand was put forth. We feel that this event is an infringement on our readers' ability to research their own anthroposophical ideas, a squelching of the outreach we have done in “Spreading the Words,” and an anti-anthroposophical maneuver!

The Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib is a research facility that is trying to create interest generally in the subject of anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner, which must eventually rebound to the publishers' benefit. In fact, we encourage readers to “Buy the book!”

It's a sad, sad day!

We encourage you to direct your questions, suggestions, and comments to the folks at the Rudolf Steiner Press by emailing them at this address:




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