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New ZealandAnthroposophical Society in New Zealand  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...An introduction and general information about the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand, including links to medical, educational and general information of the anthroposophical movement in New Zealand....
Added: Dec 31, 2001  Last Update: Dec 31, 2001  Category: Anthro Societies  Hits In: 56  Hits Out: 3650
United StatesRSF Social Finance  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...RSF Social Finance (formerly Rudolf Steiner Foundation) partners with investors, donors, and borrowers to create positive social change and environmental sustainability. RSF provides socially responsible investing, lending, and philanthropic services to catalyze the growth of initiatives and social enterprises in sectors such as education, arts and culture, fair trade, sustainable food systems, organic agriculture, green building, and renewable energy. RSF has over $100 million in combined assets. It has made over $100 million in loans and close to $60 million in grants....
Added: Sep 20, 2007  Last Update: Sep 20, 2007  Category:   Hits In: 51  Hits Out: 3641
United StatesAvant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
..."You Can Grow!" using gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth. Extensive organic gardening information, workshops, monthly newsletter, Formal Tea Gardens, virtual tours, links/resources, and more!...
Added: Nov 2, 2004  Last Update: Nov 2, 2004  Category: Resources  Hits In: 60  Hits Out: 3640
United StatesTherapeutic Homeschooling  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Information, resources, and support for parents homeschooling children with bipolar disorder using Waldorf Education. This site is growing daily and is more than just a personal account of homeschooling, but seeks to begin to help and reach out to other parents dealing with using Waldorf at home for children with bipolar disorder....
Added: Sep 20, 2005  Last Update: Sep 20, 2005  Category:   Hits In: 836  Hits Out: 3636
AustriaAcademy of Living Movement  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Academy of Living Movement is a professional performance training, bringing a new approach to the schooling of movement artists, that places eurythmy in the context of the developments that have taken place in movement and dance during the 20th century....
Added: Jan 24, 2006  Last Update: Jan 24, 2006  Category:   Hits In: 1342  Hits Out: 3633
SwedenThe Anthroposophy Network  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
Added: Dec 31, 2001  Last Update: Dec 31, 2001  Category:   Hits In: 51  Hits Out: 3631
GermanyNALM - New Adult Learning Movement  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...The NALM is a movement for new adult education, creative spiritual research, destiny learning, spiritual creativity. It is grounded by Coenraad van Houten and Shirley Routledge....
Added: Mar 15, 2006  Last Update: Mar 15, 2006  Category:   Hits In: 1113  Hits Out: 3631
BrazilAnthroposophic Society in Brazil  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Site with links to infos on Anthroposophic initiatives in Brazil, an introduction to Anthroposophy, Steiner's biography, and much more....
Added: Dec 31, 2001  Last Update: Dec 31, 2001  Category: Anthro Societies  Hits In: 54  Hits Out: 3630
United StatesAntioch New England Graduate School Waldorf Teacher Training Program  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...Earn a teaching certificate or a Master of Education degree in the Waldorf Teacher Training Program at Antioch New England Graduate School, located in Keene, New Hampshire. Different program options are available....
Added: Jan 1, 2002  Last Update: Jan 1, 2002  Category:   Hits In: 54  Hits Out: 3613
GermanyOrganic Architecture  [ Edit ]  Site Reviews(0)
...ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE can extend the perception of its beholder. Can movement expressed in form and design evoke innovative and inspirational thoughts? Open to accompany the realization of modern architectural ideas and dreams for personal or community needs....
Added: Apr 4, 2006  Last Update: Apr 4, 2006  Category: Architecture  Hits In: 56  Hits Out: 3608
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