The ancient Hall of Records in Egypt has been opened!
Subject: The ancient Hall of Records in Egypt has been opened!
Date: 2003-27-08 13:24

The ancient Hall of Records in Egypt has been opened!

Please forward this information to others.

The information and knowledge contained in the Hall of Records is
wondrous. This amazing wealth of information and knowledge includes the
history of Creation, the history of humanity on Earth, details for
healing one's Ka or Lightbody, details for healing one's physical body,
details on the passage from a physical body at the time of death,
details on the afterlife and much, much more.

The Egyptian Research Group who accessed the Hall of Records is lead by
a man in the last year of his 9th 7 year cycle. A man who activated his
DNA memories in 1995. A man who had his first spiritual awe inspiring
awakenings in 1967. A man whose past life experiences began unfolding in
visions over 30 years ago. A man who 5 years ago was requested to drop
everything else in his life in order to prepare himself and others for
opening the Hall of Records.

The group leader has been working with the Great White Brotherhood for 5
years. After passing many difficult tests the group leader was finally
allowed to access the outer levels of the Hall of Records in 2002. Over
the past five years he selected and trained thousands of people to see
who was qualified for this mission. However, out of the thousands, only
around forty five people were able to access the Hall of Records with
him a week ago.

A book will be published later this year which will include many Secrets
from "The Hall of Records" such as the history of Creation, the history
of humanity on Earth, details for healing one's Ka or Lightbody, details
for healing one's physical body, details on the passage from a physical
body at the time of death, details on the afterlife and much more. A
special worldwide teleconference will be given on September 6th to
announce certain of the research group's findings.

Thousands of years ago nuclear warfare literally blew away people's
consciousnesses. Thousands of years ago the simultaneous detonation of
numerous nuclear weapons generated massive electro-magnetic energy
pulses which swept the earth. These mammoth EMP's erased the full
memories and consciousness of most humans. Only those individuals who
had activated their own internal electro-magnetic energy fields were
able to escape the memory loss caused by the external Electro-Magnetic
Pulses (EMP's).

And so it was that writing came into existence on planet Earth not as an
advance in civilization but because of the diminished size of people's
electro-magnetic energy fields of consciousness and the decreased space
that was available in their conscious memories. Smaller sized energy
fields of consciousness and memory loss meant people's ability to access
and process information became severely limited. Thus, all the wealth of
knowledge, including the history of humanity, etc, all disappeared from
the conscious memories of most humans on earth as a result of one moment
of intense nuclear warfare. People's ability to remember everything that
had happened in their lives, both past and present, was blasted into
oblivion. The lack of memory forced humanity to begin the laborious
process of writing.

In Egypt and elsewhere those few spiritually oriented individuals who
had activated their own personal electro-magnetic energy fields were
able to retain their memories when the EMP's swept the earth. These few
remaining Enlightened Ones were scattered around the world. On every
continent these few Enlightened Ones who were left created Mystery
Schools which became the depositories of human knowledge. These schools
also taught in secret certain sacred spiritual techniques to those who
were ready. These techniques enabled students to become Enlightened and
thus they were able to carry on the school's traditions of maintaining
vast amounts of knowledge for humanity. In this manner, certain secret
information, knowledge and techniques of the ancients continued to be
passed down from generation to generation.

However, as time passed, fewer and fewer people desired to live the
reclusive Mystery School life that was necessary to attain Enlightenment
and carry on the work of the Mystery Schools. And so it was that 3,500
years ago Pharaoh Tuthmosis III gathered together in one place in
Karnack, Egypt the last remaining 39 Ascended Masters of the Great White
Brotherhood of humanity who still remained in 3D physical bodies. These
39 Enlightened Ones of the Great White Brotherhood worked in unity to
record and store their wealth of knowledge and ancient secrets within
the Hall of Records. It was known that when the "end times" came, one
man would come to make this ancient information and knowledge available
to those who are ready.

This wondrous information was to be released during the last years of
humanity's time on planet earth. The Great Seers of the Great White
Brotherhood peered into the future and saw the events which would
precede the "end times". Then thousands of years ago certain time
sequenced events were carved into the upper walls of the Temple of
Prophecy, also known as the Temple of Seti I, in Abydos, Egypt. These
temple carvings depict the exact year when the opening of the Hall of
Records would occur. The opening of the Hall of Records was prophesized
to occur during the "end times" in the year when the United States would
deploy the MOAB and invade the country of Iraq for oil.

It was also seen by the same Great Seers that a man would incarnate into
a physical body which would reach its completion year and completion
cycle in the year 2003. The Great Seers saw that the one who would
volunteer for this mission would incarnate into a physical body that
would be genetically created though the natural breeding of select
ancestors. This genetically created physical body would enable the man
to become Enlightened, and much more in the year 2003. This man would be
the one who would cognize the inner secrets of The Sphinx and enter the
Hall of Records with the Great White Brotherhood.

As seen by this year's events, 2003 is that prophesized year and the
Hall of Records has been accessed! There will be more information
releases in the coming weeks and months. In today's announcement we will
now focus on some of the hidden truths that have come from the wondrous
Hall of Records regarding the Pyramids and Spiritual Energies.

1. Why were ancient pyramids built everywhere in the world, for pyramids
are not an easy building to erect and they do not contain a lot of
usable space inside?
2. Why does a pyramid shape contain special powers which are discussed
in great length within many books?
3. What is the real message of the pyramids?

There are many pyramids around the world and there are also many
Creation stories around the world. Every Creation story in the world has
2 events in common. The story of "The Flood" and "The Breaking Of
Wholeness Into Separateness". The Bible is only one such Creation story
in the world. The Bible has Noah and the Ark for "The Flood" story. The
Bible also has a whole Adam, and God Breaks Up the Wholeness of 4th
dimensional Adam to create the 3rd dimensional Adamic Race of Adam and

An individual 4th dimensional Ascended Master, Saint or Angel has a
"Diamond" or Octahedron shaped electro-magnetic spiritual energy field
of consciousness around them. This 8 sided Double Pyramid or Octahedron
of spiritual energies is an individual's Lightbody in the 4th dimension.
One is born into the separateness of our 3D earthly physical bodies from
the wholeness of the 4th dimensional Angelic Group Consciousness. An
individual's 4D electro-magnetic spiritual energies are in complete
balance within their Octahedron Lightbody in the 4th dimension. All 4D
Angels have their electro-magnetic spiritual energies completely in
balance within the wholeness of their Octahedron Lightbodies. One's
electro energies are also called mental energies while one's magnetic
energies are also called emotional energies. In order to individualize
one's self into existence in Creation, one must leave the 4th
dimensional Angelic Group Consciousness and be born into the 3rd
dimension. It is here in 3D where one gains the experiences that are
required for individualization while living lifetimes in either male or
female physical bodies.

Leaving the wholeness of 4D and incarnating into the separateness of 3D
also means that one's 4D Octahedron electro-magnetic wholeness is broken
in half and separated into two 4 sided pyramids. One's electro-magnetic
energies also separate. One half of the Octahedron or one of the 4 sided
pyramids becomes all electro mental spiritual energies. The other half
Octahedron or 4 sided pyramid becomes all magnetic emotional spiritual
energies. In 4D there is only wholeness but in 3D there is separateness
on many levels. In 3D there are both physical body differences and
Lightbody differences between males and females. Those beings living in
male bodies have their electro half Octahedron spiritual energy field on
top, their magnetic spiritual energy pyramid on the bottom and their
sexual organs are outward. Those beings living in female bodies have
their magnetic spiritual energy half Octahedron on top, their electro
spiritual energy half Octahedron on the bottom and their sexual organs
are inward.

The pyramids were built long ago to remind us who we really are. The
pyramids are to remind us of our true spiritual selves, our half
Octahedron electro-magnetic spiritual energy fields of consciousness.
The pyramids were built millenniums ago to remind people how only one
half of their Earthly Spirit Lightbody operates in 3D and that their
other half is hidden from view. The pyramids are to remind us that we
are only aware of half of our abilities when we are in a male or female
physical body. The Sphinx was originally constructed to create a symbol
which depicted a being who had their male and female energies in
complete wholeness and balance while residing within a lion's body.
However, the magnificently carved face depicting male and female
energies was partially destroyed by napoleon's troops when they used the
Sphinx for target practice when they were playing with their cannons.
However, what remains of the Sphinx now still shows people that great
inner strength is needed to create the merger into wholeness of one's
male electro mental spiritual energy half Octahedron or Pyramid
Lightbody into one's female magnetic emotional spiritual energy half
Octahedron or Pyramid Lightbody. Enlightenment unfolds when a person
fully merges, expands and balances their 3D half Octahedrons or pyramids
into the wholeness of one 4D Octahedron.

A lot of confusion exists in the world because of two divergent
viewpoints held by those in the higher dimensional levels towards
spiritual growth. Some of the Great White Brotherhood wish to teach
inner secrets to all those who are ready. Others in the Great White
Brotherhood feel that 3D people should only be taught the inner secrets
of the higher dimensional levels when those people are unceasingly doing
their daily spiritual practices. Those who have always, each and every
day, practiced their spiritual techniques are in time able to travel by
themselves to the higher levels of the inner planes and access that
knowledge on their own if they have approval from the Great White
Brotherhood. The agreed upon compromise resulted in the full truth of
some of the higher dimensional spiritual knowledge which is available in
3D being only partially portrayed in symbols. Incomplete symbolism means
that a full awakening of any portion of knowledge from the higher
dimensional levels is limited to those who are able to completely travel
within the inner planes of the higher dimensional levels and those who
are fully approved by the Great White Brotherhood to access that

Unfortunately the incomplete work of a spiritually immature man who did
not take the time to activate his higher levels of consciousness every
day into Merkabas, as is required for those who wish to access higher
dimensional information, together with work done by the dark ones who
have stolen Merkaba information from him or myself, has also generated
mass confusion among many spiritual seekers regarding the real energy
field which surrounds our 3D human bodies. The Star Tetrahedron is not
your 3rd dimensional Lightbody. A Star Tetrahedron spiritual energy
field of consciousness does not surround your 3D body. There is no Star
Tetrahedron energy field in the 3rd dimension.

It is a Star Octahedron which is the Lightbody of those in 3D. A Star
Octahedron consists of two half Octahedrons shoved back together. It is
this Star Octahedron spiritual energy field which surrounds our 3rd
dimensional physical body. It is when the separateness of the two half
Octahedrons in the Star Octahedron is transformed into the wholeness of
one Octahedron, that one becomes Enlightened and is able to truly access
higher dimensional levels in Creation.

The Pure Sacred Merkaba Techniques of Gary Smith have always been based
upon the Star Octahedron spiritual energy field. All this information
and much more, will be given out in a special lectures to Sacred
Merkaba Techniques Teachers and Meditators on September 6th and 7th.
Please check the Sacred Merkaba Techniques calendar at
for locations that will be hosting this exciting teleconference
announcement of the Egyptian research team's work and progress to date.

Commencing September 1st all Basic Sacred Merkaba Techniques workshops
will become 3 day events in order to include the many new spiritual
techniques that are necessary with the "full visualization" and "full
activation" of one's 3rd dimensional Star Octahedron spiritual energy
field of consciousness into a Merkaba. All Sacred Merkaba Techniques
Basic Workshops also include the activations of one's 4th dimensional
Octahedron spiritual energy fields of consciousness into a Merkaba in
order to reach Enlightenment on several dimensional levels for a
potential Physical Body Ascension into White Light in this lifetime.
Further information is at

Special 3 Day Basic Sacred Merkaba Techniques Workshops - September 5th
to 7th which include 2 days of lectures regarding the Egyptian Research
Group's entrance into the Hall of Records, how access was gained, the
story behind the accessing of the Hall of Records, certain information
contained in the Hall, etc. will be given out in a simultaneous
worldwide teleconference to the following locations:

New York State - Clifford at
Seattle, WA - Seth at
Johannesburg, South Africa - Gigi and Skye at
Minnesota - Kathryn at
Chicago, IL - Matt, Dan and Tim at
France - Laurent at
England - Michael at
Switzerland - Urs at
Arizona - Betty at
Miami, FL - Rose at
Belgium - Veronique at
Germany - Imme at
Germany - Brigitte at

One Day Updates for Existing Sacred Merkaba Techniques Meditators that
includes the first day of teleconferencing on September 6th will be held
at these locations:

San Francisco, CA - Andrea and Jack at
Cordoba, Argentina - Jan at
Miami, FL - Robert at
Seattle, WA - Veronica and Salena at
Munich, Germany - Hilde at
Milan, Italy - Jozica at

In The Light of God's Unconditional Love

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