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Chronological Listing by Country

Here is an information table, listing by Country, the lectures given by Rudolf Steiner, with references to the name of the lecture (if we know it), city, GA number, code, and code notations. To view a particular country, select from the links given here on the main page. Note: countries with over 50 lectures are very large pages — the largest is over 7200KB — so, a page selection option is provided for those countries.

 [  Date |  City |  Country |  GA |  Code ]
About the Chrono List ] 

 Select a CountrySelect a Country
  Unknown:  54 lectures
  Italy:  19 lectures
  Alsace-Lorraine:   1 lecture
  Netherlands:  92 lectures
  Austria:  79 lectures
  No where:   6 lectures
  Czechoslovakia:  32 lectures
  Norway:  81 lectures
  Denmark:  15 lectures
  Poland:  32 lectures
  England:  93 lectures
  Romania:   1 lecture
  Finland:  24 lectures
  Sweden:  30 lectures
  France:  38 lectures
  Switzerland:1976 lectures
  Germany:2422 lectures
  Wales:  23 lectures
  Hungary:  12 lectures
5030 Total Lectures 

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