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The Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib is an internet site featuring the works of Austrian pholosopher, Rudolf Steiner. There are references to waldorf schools, Steiner schools, and these topics: school, spirituality, developing, waldorf, working, steiner schools, german, schools waldorf, times, waldorf school, steiner german, books, teachers, societies, world, steiner work, knowledge.

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Chronological Listing by City

Here is an information table, listing by City, the lectures given by Rudolf Steiner, with references to the name of the lecture (if we know it), city, GA number, code, and code notations. To view a particular city, select from the links given here on the main page. Note: cities with over 50 lectures are very large pages — the largest is over 1200KB — so, a page selection option is provided for those cities.

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  Unknown, :  54 lectures
  Landin, Germany:   2 lectures
  Aarau, Switzerland:   1 lecture
  Leipzig, Germany:  92 lectures
  Amsterdam, Netherlands:   8 lectures
  Liestal, Switzerland:   2 lectures
  Arlesheim, Switzerland:   2 lectures
  Linz, Austria:   4 lectures
  Arnhem, Netherlands:   7 lectures
  Locarno, Switzerland:   1 lecture
  Augsburg, Germany:   2 lectures
  London, England:  29 lectures
  Barr, Alsace-Lorraine:   1 lecture
  Lugano, Switzerland:   2 lectures
  Basel, Switzerland: 132 lectures
  Mainz, Germany:   1 lecture
  Bergen, Norway:   3 lectures
  Malsch, Germany:   2 lectures
  Berlin, Germany: 960 lectures
  Mannheim, Germany:  11 lectures
  Bern, Switzerland:  58 lectures
  Milan, Italy:   3 lectures
  Bielefeld, Germany:   3 lectures
  Munich, Germany: 239 lectures
  Bingley, England:   1 lecture
  Neuchatel, Switzerland:   3 lectures
  Bochum, Germany:   1 lecture
  Nijmegen, Netherlands:   2 lectures
  Bologna, Italy:   4 lectures
  No city, No where:   6 lectures
  Bonn, Germany:   4 lectures
  Norrkoeping, Sweden:  10 lectures
  Bottmingen, Germany:   9 lectures
  Nuremberg, Germany:  44 lectures
  Bremen, Germany:  18 lectures
  Olten, Switzerland:   2 lectures
  Breslau, Poland:  18 lectures
  Oosterbeek, Netherlands:  11 lectures
  Budapest, Hungary:  12 lectures
  Oslo, Norway:  78 lectures
  Cassel, Germany:  59 lectures
  Oxford, England:  18 lectures
  Colmar, France:   1 lecture
  Palermo, Italy:   1 lecture
  Cologne, Germany:  77 lectures
  Paris, France:  30 lectures
  Copenhagen, Denmark:  15 lectures
  Penmaenmawr, Wales:  23 lectures
  Darmstadt, Germany:   8 lectures
  Pforzheim, Germany:   5 lectures
  Delft, Netherlands:   2 lectures
  Prague, Czechoslovakia:  32 lectures
  Dornach, Switzerland:1700 lectures
  Regensburg, Germany:   1 lecture
  Dresden, Germany:   7 lectures
  Reinach, Switzerland:   1 lecture
  Dusseldorf, Germany:  46 lectures
  Rome, Italy:  11 lectures
  Eisenach, Germany:   1 lecture
  Rotterdam, Netherlands:   2 lectures
  Elberfeld, Germany:   9 lectures
  Solothurn, Switzerland:   1 lecture
  Erfurt, Germany:   1 lecture
  Spandau, Germany:   1 lecture
  Essen, Germany:   2 lectures
  St. Gallen, Switzerland:   9 lectures
  Frankfurt, Germany:   7 lectures
  Stockholm, Sweden:  20 lectures
  Freiburg, Germany:   3 lectures
  Strassburg, France:   7 lectures
  Graz, Austria:   1 lecture
  Stratford-on-Avon, England:   2 lectures
  Hamburg, Germany:  67 lectures
  Stuttgart, Germany: 623 lectures
  Hannover, Germany:  53 lectures
  Tannbach, Austria:   1 lecture
  Hedelfingen, Germany:   1 lecture
  Tegel, Germany:   1 lecture
  Heidelberg, Germany:   9 lectures
  The Hague, Netherlands:  55 lectures
  Heidenheim, Germany:   3 lectures
  Torquay, England:  24 lectures
  Helsinki, Finland:  24 lectures
  Tubingen, Germany:   4 lectures
  Hermannstadt, Romania:   1 lecture
  Ulm, Germany:   5 lectures
  Hilversum, Netherlands:   3 lectures
  Utrecht, Netherlands:   2 lectures
  Ilkley, England:  19 lectures
  Vienna, Austria:  72 lectures
  Karlsruhe, Germany:  19 lectures
  Weimar, Germany:  17 lectures
  Klagenfurt, Austria:   1 lecture
  Wiesbaden, Germany:   4 lectures
  Koberwitz, Poland:  14 lectures
  Winterthur, Switzerland:   5 lectures
  Koblenz, Germany:   1 lecture
  Zurich, Switzerland:  57 lectures
5030 Total Lectures 

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